Adolf Hitler – Collection of Speeches – 1922-1945

Adolf Hitler-Speeches


Especially for the 124-th birthday of our Führer – I made an e-book edition of his speeches, which he held between 1922 and 1945. The book contains texts of speeches, excerpts of speeches, proclamations, letters etc. From the left menu you could choose the exact year and speech which you need. I hope that this book will be useful and educational handbook for every National-Socialist comrade!

Heil Hitler!



10 comments on “Adolf Hitler – Collection of Speeches – 1922-1945

  1. Gasse-Geir says:

    It’s very great. You do great work, Propagandaleiter. Happy Hitler birthday!

  2. kurt says:

    The green font on an orange-like background is hard to read. Black text on a white background is much easier to read. Can you change this so I can read it?

  3. kurt says:

    Also, the green font and orange-like background will waste a great deal of ink (for inkjet printers) and toner (for laser printers), for anyone who might want to print a specific speech or part of a speech.

  4. Fenria says:

    Keep his spirit alive! Heil!

  5. Thanks for the Hitler Speeches-Happy Birthday Adolf.

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