What does the salute, “88!”, mean?

by A.V. Schaerffenberg

During spring, 1946, SS Lieutenant-Colonel Piemoeller secretly organized several hundred SS men in the Ruhr for attacks against the occupying Allied authorities in the Ruhr. The National Socialist partisans originated the covert greeting, “88!”, used ever since. It signifies the eighth letter of the alphabet repeated twice – HH, for “Heil Hitler!”, which was, and still is banned in Germany and the rest of Europe. Piemoeller’s followers called themselves the “Blue Falcons”, because they wore blue shirts and trousers. But it was their penchant for uniforms, no matter how apparently inconspicuous, that was their undoing, and they became the victims of mass-arrest before any operations could be launched. Two years ago, some U.S. clothing manufacturer was blasted in the national news media for making white headgear emblazoned with “88!” in red or black numbers, mostly because the politically incorrect field caps proved wildly popular with many thousands of teenagers across America. Like every manifestation of National Socialism, “88!” is vividly alive after more than sixty years of relentless suppression and psychological conditioning. Such an impressive survival record is incontrovertible proof of our Revolution’s resilience, invincibility and perennial appeal to the Aryan soul — as it was in the past, still is, and will be forever.

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