Weekly Quotation Posters of the NSDAP

Issued by Reichspropagandaleitung (1937-1944)

Source: http://www.calvin.edu/academic/cas/gpa/wochenspruch-index.htm

 Wochenspruch der NSDAP

“Great men are the realization of the wishes of their people. Hans Schemm.” (28 October – 3 November 1937).

“One dies not for business, but rather only for ideals. Adolf Hitler.” (25 November – 1 December 1937)

“Moral is what furthers the maintenance of the German people; immoral is that which works against it.” Walter Darré.” (2 – 8 December 1937)

“One is not born a socialist, one must be raised to be one. Adolf Hitler.” (9 – 15 December 1937)

“The fatherland is a religion. Ernst Juenger.” (16 – 22 December 1937)

“Holy ground is everywhere that is defended by Germans. Alfred Rosenberg.” (23 – 31 December 1937)

“Loyalty in feeling means absolute obedience. Rudolf Hess.” (31 January – 6 February 1938)

“Only the size of the sacrifice will reveal the greatness of the victory. What is easily achieved will be easily forgotten. Adolf Hitler.” (21 – 27 March 1938)

“The nature of the German spirit is that it builds from within. Richard Wagner.” (11 – 17 April 1938)

“What we are we have done ourselves. Adolf Hitler.” (1 – 7 January 1939)

“He who has faith in his heart has the greatest strength in the world. Adolf Hitler.” (8 – 14 January 1939).

“No one can expect the coming generation to make up for the failures of the present one. Dr. Goebbels.” (15 – 21 January 1939)

“Great men are the realization of the wishes of their people. Hans Schemm.” (22 – 28 January 1939)

“Only the nation that upholds its honor is capable of enduring as time passes. Germany will endure — Thanks to the Führer. Rudolf Heß.” (29 January – 4 February 1939)

“Loyalty is a matter of the heart, never of the intellect. Heinrich Himmler.” (5 – 11 February 1939)

“Accomplishment alone differentiates one person from another. Robert Ley.” (12 – 18 February 1939)

“Let no bell toll more deeply around us all than the word ‘people’ (Volk)! Walter Flex.” (19 – 25 February 1939) [Two versions: one horizontal, the other vertical]

“God is always with the strongest battalions. Frederick the Great.” (19 – 25 February 1939)

“Together we are everything, as individuals nothing. Adolf Hitler.” (26 February – 4 March 1939)

“As long as an enemy stands on Germany’s soil, hate is my duty and my virtue vengeance! Henrich von Kleist.” (5 – 11 March 1939) [Two versions: one horizontal, the other vertical]

Heroes’ Commemoration Day 1939—Forward over the graves!” (12 – 18 March 1939)

“God created the peoples—and what God united, men should never separate. Adolf Hitler.” (19 – 25 March 1939) [Two versions: one horizontal, the other vertical]

“To gain heaven, you must be a true fighter! Emanuel Geibel.” (26 March – 1 April 1939)

One must demand the impossible to accomplish the possible. Helmuth von Moltke.” (2 – 8 April 1939)

“Whatever does not destroy me makes me stronger. Friedrich Nietzsche.” (9 – 15 April 1939) [Two versions: one horizontal, the other vertical]

A picture of Adolf Hitler on the occasion of his birthday. (16 – 22 April 1939)

“Cowardly statesmanship has always led to disaster. Otto von Bismarck.” (23 – 29 April 1939)

No coward defends freedom. Adolf Hitler on 16 September 1936.” (30 April – 6 May 1939)

“The great man precedes his time; the wise man adjusts to it in all its ways: the clever man takes full advantage of it; the dullard opposes it. Ernst Moritz Arndt.” (7 – 13 May 1939) [Two versions: one with a blue background, the other light yellow]

There are years in the lives of nations that bring decisions over life and death for the coming centuries. Adolf Hitler on 7 February 1934.” (14 – 20 May 1939)

“Work dignifies woman as well as man. The child, however, ennobles the mother. Adolf Hitler.” (21 – 27 May 1939)

He who remains uninvolved and dispassionate at times of great patriotic battles does not deserve to experience them. Heinreich von Treitschke.” (28 May – 3 June 1939)

“A nation’s fate rests only in its own strength. Moltke.” (4 – 10 June 1939)

“With a handful of fanatics, one can make a whole people into heroes at the decisive hour.” (4 – 10 June 1939)

Gautag 1939. Westmark: Bulwark of heart and mind.” (4 – 10 June 1939)

“With a handful of fanatics, one can make heroes of a whole people at the decisive hour. Gauleiter Uiberreither.” (4 – 10 June 1939)

Industry and labor alone do not create life unless they are joined with the strength and will of a people. Adolf Hitler.” (11 – 17 June 1939)

“Let that which must die sink and rot. What has strength and light will rise and blaze. Gerhard Schumann.” (18 – 24 June 1939)

All the blows of fate can be borne if there is a healthy peasantry. Adolf Hitler on 5 April 1933.” (25 June – 1 July 1939)

“Believing in Germany, we will master fate. Adolf Hitler.” (2 – 8 July 1939)

Ours was the faith — Ours is the will. Adolf Hitler.” (9 – 15 July 1939)

“Only when I create am I completely myself. Richard Wagner.” (16 – 22 July 1939). On the occasion of the opening of the Bayreuth Festival, 1939.

To obey the laws of life is to understand a great destiny. Alfred Rosenberg.” (23 – 29 July 1939)

“The nation is something greater than a profession, ancestry, class, and occupation. Adolf Hitler.” (30 July – 5 August 1939)

“The fate of peoples can be changed only by a storm of passion. Adolf Hitler.” (6 – 12 August 1939)

“The freedom of our people stands above the freedom of the individual. Adolf Hitler” (13 – 19 August 1939)

“Germany is where the strong hearts are. Ulrich von Hutten.” (20 – 26 August 1939)

“There is no socialism that does not apply to one’s own people. Adolf Hitler.” (27 August – 2 September 1939)

“I fight with my people for undoing an injustice, and the others are fighting to maintain it. Adolf Hitler, 27 August 1939.” (3 – 9 September 1939)

“I do not believe in any right that is not protected by force. Adolf Hitler in Kempten on 30 July 1932.” (10 – 16 September 1939)

“God gives us nuts, but he does not crack them for us. Goethe.” (17 – 23 September 1939)

“We are mortal, but Germany must live! Adolf Hitler.” (24 – 30 September 1939)

“The sacrifice demanded of us is no greater than that made by many previous generations. Adolf Hitler.” (1 – 7 October 1939)

“If the soldier fights at the front, no one should make money from war. If the soldier falls at the front, no one back home should shirk his duty. Adolf Hitler.” (8 – 14 October 1939)

“I also expect the German woman to exemplify the most extreme discipline in this great fighting community! Adolf Hitler before the German Reichstag on 1 September 1939.” (15 – 21 October 1939)

“Behind the front stands the homeland, ready to give all that it is able to give in order to make easier the fearsome work of the soldiers before the enemy, before death. Herman Göring.” (22 – 28 October 1939)

“He who defends his rights will in the end receive his rights. Adolf Hitler.” (29 October – 4 November 1939)

All the nations that fought in the World War honor an unknown soldier. In Paris, he rests under the Arc of Triumph. In London, he rests under the black marble of Westminster Abbey. But in Berlin, he dwells in the Reich Chancellery! Germany is the only nation in which the unknown soldier is not dead, but rather lives! Fredrik Böök, Swedish university Professor.” (5 – 11 November 1939)

If I demand sacrifice from the German people, even to the utmost, I have the right to do so, for I am just as ready today as I was in the past to make any personal sacrifice! Adolf Hitler.” (12 – 18 November 1939)

“If our will is so strong that no force can overcome it, then our will and our German state will overcome any obstacle and be victorious. Adolf Hitler to the German Reichstag on 1 September 1939.” (19 – 25 November 1939)

“I will wage this battle, no matter how long it takes, until the Reich and its rights are secure. The Führer on 1 September 1939).” (26 November – 2 December 1939)

“United in faith, united in battle, united in duty! 1939.” (3 – 9 December 1939)

“Today’s Germany is determined to defend its borders and to guarantee its living space. Adolf Hitler at the Bürgerbräukeller on 8 November 1939.” (10 – 16 December 1939)

“We are fighting for the security of our people and for our living space. Adolf Hitler on 8 November 1939 at the Bürgerbräukeller in Munich.” (17 – 23 December 1939)

“He who fails is defeated! He who believes wins! We believe! Walter Respondek” (24 – 30 December 1939)

“He who fails is defeated! He who believes triumphs! We believe! Werner Respondek.” (24 – 30 December 1939)

“This time, no power on earth will defeat Germany. Adolf Hitler.” (31 December 1939 – 6 January 1940).

National Socialism is the guarantee of victory.” [I’m not certain of the exact date of this one. It is reproduced in the January/February 1940 issue of the Gauring newsletter for Moselland, which places it early in the war.]

“Nothing is impossible for the German people. Hermann Göring on 24.3.37.” (7 – 13 January 1940)

We want to raise a hard generation that is strong, reliable, loyal, obedient, and decent. Adolf Hitler on 16.9.35.” (14 – 20 January 1940)

“The German people will not fragment in this struggle, but become ever stronger. Adolf Hitler.” (21 – 27 January 1940)

“We are fighting for a right to live, without which we cannot exist in the long run. Adolf Hitler on 30 January 1939.” (28 January – 3 February 1940)

“Each people has the right to protect its life on this earth. Adolf Hitler on 30 January 1939.” (4 – 10 February 1939).

“Sure nerves and iron determination are the best guarantee of success in the world. Adolf Hitler on 5 September 1934.” (11 – 17 February 1940).

It is not enough merely to say I believe. Rather one must swear: I will fight. Adolf Hitler.” (18 – 24 February 1940).

“I believe and affirm that there is no higher goal for a people than to defend its dignity and freedom. Karl von Clausewitz.” (25 February – 2 March 1940).

“Only one can win, and that will be us. Adolf Hitler on 8 November 1939. (3 – 9 March 1940)

“Nothing is so integral to our existence as freedom. Frederick the Great.” (10 – 16 March 1940)

“Only that people is free that is strong enough to defend its freedom. Helmut von Moltke.” (17 – 23 March 1940)

“Loyalty, sacrifice, and silence are virtues a great people needs. Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf.” (24 – 30 March 1940).

“As we are born without chains, so we wish to live freely. Frederick the Great.” (31 March – 6 April 1940).

“The eternal pessimists and complainers have never rescued a people, but they have ruined numerous peoples, states, and kingdoms. Adolf Hitler on 21 March 1934.” (7 – 13 April 1940).

“What we possess today is entirely unimportant. What matters is only that Germany wins. Adolf Hitler.” (14 – 20 April 1940).

“I have but one drive — namely to win and hold the love and appreciation of my own people’s comrades. Adolf Hitler.” (21 – 27 April 1940).

“The war forced on the Greater German Reich by the capitalist powers of France and England must lead to the most glorious victory in German history. Adolf Hitler” (28 April – 4 May 1940)

“I wish to be honorable to the past and to the future, and in this honor, stand with the German people. Adolf Hitler.” (5 – 11 May 1940)

“We join in the prayer of a great German: ‘And though the world were filled with devils, we must still succeed.’ Adolf Hitler.” (12 – 18 May 1940)

The German people hears but one command. What happened in November 1918 will never, never be repeated. Dr. Goebbels.” (19 – 25 May 1940)

“Germany will live and therefore Germany will triumph. Adolf Hitler.” (26 May – 1 June 1940)

“The more willingly and firmly we accept every sacrifice, the more certain will be the peace for which our people strives. Adolf Hitler.” (2 – 8 June 1940)

The war exists because England wanted it. Adolf Hitler.” (9 – 15 June 1940)

“The Führer has called us; now we will all come and bring our sacrifice. Dr. Goebbels in Berlin on 17 April 1940.” (16 – 22 June 1940)

“Stand watch, comrade, do your duty, remain loyal, comrade, and do not doubt. Be brave, comrade, and fight for the victory, comrade, that is ours. Paul Eigendorf, War Year 1940.” (23 – 29 June 1940)

“Neither the German people nor I have sworn to accept the Treaty of Versailles. I am sworn only to the welfare of my people, whose representative I am. Adolf Hitler.” (30 June – 6 July 1940)

“Germany’s unity today has been forged in the fire of powerful events. Hermann Göring.” (7 – 13 July 1940)

“Come what may, clench one’s teeth, keep a clear head, and march forward. Adolf Hitler. (14 – 20 July 1940)

“What we want is not to suppress other peoples. We want our freedom, our security, and the security of our living space. It is the security of the very life of our people. That is what we are fighting for! Adolf Hitler.” (21 – 27 July 1940)

[From this date issues are numbered.]

“One frees peoples not through inaction, but rather through sacrifice! Adolf Hitler.” (#31, 28 July – 3 August 1940)

“There can be no other way: we must win and we will win! Adolf Hitler.” (#32, 4 – 10 August 1940)

“Each state that loves its honor and its freedom must realize that its peace and security depend on its own sword. Bismarck.” (#33, 11 – 17 August 1940)

“We do not break forth in jubilation when our armies are victorious. We do not fly the colorful flags in a mood of exaltation. We stay silent. In quiet pride we remember the deeds, and our whole concern rests only with our soldiers. Alexander Heberlein.” (#34, 18 – 24 August 1940)

“The result of our general sacrifice will be the freedom and greatness of our fatherland. Dr. Goebbels.” (#35, 25 – 31 August 1940)

“The highest religion is to leave to one’s descendents an honorable name, a free land, and a sense of pride. Enrst Moritz Arndt.” (#36, 1 – 7 September 1940)

“The age is yours, and what it will become, it will become through you. Clausewitz.” (#37, 8 – 14 September 1940)

“The highest religion is to win or die for justice and truth. Ernst Moritz Arndt.” (#38, 15 – 21 September 1940)

“Dem Ruhnen allein ist das Gluck hold. Clausewitz.” (#39, 22 – 28 September 1940)

Heroism is necessary not only on the battlefield, but also in the soil of the homeland. Adolf Hitler.” (#40, 29 September – 5 October 1940)

The peasantry is the life source of the people. Walter Darré.” #41, (6 – 12 October 1940)

“He who complains and mutters wears the face of defeat. He who risks life rises to the light of the sun. Georg Stammler.” (#42, 13 – 19 October 1940)

“Better to sacrifice life than loyalty.” (#43, 20 – 26 October 1940)

“He who is not willing to share the need and death of his people is also unworthy to life with it. Jean Paul.” (#44, 27 October – 2 November 1940)

“He who wins will be the one with the stronger faith!” (#45, 3 – 9 November 1940)

“We may be proud of our great men only as long as they do not need to be ashamed of us. v. Clausewitz.” (#46, 10 – 16 November 1940)

“A man is only he who defends himself as a man. Adolf Hitler.” (#47, 17 – 23 November 1940)

The word of the Führer is for us Germans a command.” (#48, 24 – 30 November 1940)

“The best way to honor those who died for the fatherland is for us to live for the fatherland. Peter Rosegger.” (#49, 1 – 7 December 1940)

Everything great in the world has been accomplished through loyalty! von Schirach.” (#50, 8 – 14 December 1940)

“To believe in the Führer is to believe in victory.” (#51, 15 – 21 December 1940)

“The Führer commands: Believe, obey, and fight!” (#52, 22 – 28 December 1940)

“The Führer acts when the time is ripe!” (#53, 29 December 1940 – 4 January 1941)

There are times when it is the greatest wisdom to take the greatest risks. Clausewitz.” (#2, 5 – 11 January 1941)

“Adolf Hitler says: We are born to fight because we come from the fight!” (#3, 12 – 18 January 1941)

The Führer says: Above all of us stands the great command: You must do your duty in the service of your people!” (#4, 19 – 25 January 1941)

“Without blood, no life; without sacrifice, no liberty!” (#6, 2 – 8 February1941)

“However desirable a quick determination of the war may be, we must not sacrifice the fate of the war to this purpose nor even endanger it. Gneisenau.” (#7, 9 – 15 February 1941). There is a Gau Sachsen version with the same date and text.

The Führer is always right.” (#8, 16 – 22 February 1941)

Light – Life – Struggle – Victory. What can happen to a people whose youth is willing to give up everything to serve its great ideals.” (#9, 23 February – 1 March 1941)

“Only a strong government can insure peace. Peaceful assurances of our neighbors are certainly very valuable, but security is only found through ourselves. Moltke.” (#10, 2 – 8 March 1941)

“No task is so big that it could not be accomplished by a German! Göring.” (#11, 9 – 15 March 1941)

Sacrifices created the Greater German Empire. Through sacrifices it will be made eternal.” (#12, 16 – 22 March 1941)

“The world must realize that Germany will never be defeated, neither militarily, nor over time, nor economically. Adolf Hitler.” (#13, 23 – 29 March 1941)

“Not by treaties or binding agreements, but exclusively by force, has England put together her enormous empire. Adolf Hitler.” (#14, 30 March – 5 April 1941)

Germany is where valiant hearts are. Ulrich von Hutten.” (#15, 6 – 12 April 1941)

“When this war has been over, a great work will begin in Germany, a great ‘Awake’ will be heard throughout the German lands. Adolf Hitler.” (#16, 13 – 19 April 1941)

“On the Führer’s birthday: ‘The strength of the nations rests with the great men who are born to them at the right hour.’ Frederick the Great.” (#17, 20 – 26 April 1941)

To help to defend and finish the Führer’s enormous work is the happiest task and highest duty of all Germans. Hermann Göring.” (#18, 27 April – 3 May 1941)

No one can get past the German soldier. Adolf Hitler.” (#19, 4 – 10 May 1941)

“In this war it is not luck, but rather justice that will finally prevail. Adolf Hitler.” (#20, 11 – 17 May 1941)

The woman, too, has her battlefield: With each child that she brings into the world for the nation, she fights her battle for the nation. Adolf Hitler.” (#21, 18 – 24 May 1941)

“Be what you want, but whatever you are, have the courage to be it completely. Albert Leo Schlageter.” (#22, 25 – 31 May 1941)

“Heroes have created your empire. Preserve it in such a way that the glory of your fathers does not become your shame. Frederick the Great.” (#23, 1 – 7 June 1941)

“True socialism, however, is the doctrine of the strictest performance of duty.” (#24, 8 – 14 June 1941)

“You should act as if the responsibility for the fate of everything German was dependent on you and your actions. Johann Gottlieb Fichte.” (#25, 15 – 21 June 1941)

“This highest duty of the German people, with respect to the fighting front, is to do everything necessary to give them the weapons they need. Adolf Hitler.” (#26, 22 – 28 June 1941)

“It will be a difficult year, but one must stay alert, and each who honors and loves the fatherland must give his all. Frederick the Great.” (#27, 29 June – 5 July 1941)

“We want to plant our feet firmly in our soil and never be defeated by any attack. You will stand by me, should that hour ever come. You will stand by my side, and behind me, and hold our flags high! Our old foe may seek to attack us, to rise once more. He may bear the Soviet star — but we will once again triumph behind our symbol. The Führer.” (#28, 6 – 12 July 1941)

“If our old enemy and foe should once again attempt to attack us, our banners will fly high and they will learn what we are made of. Adolf Hitler.” (#29, 13 – 19 July 1941)

In Bolshevism, we see Jewry’s attempt in the twentieth century to gain world domination. Adolf Hitler.” (#30, 20 – 26 July 1941)

You bear the banners and standards, and are the guarantee that Europe will be liberated from Bolshevism.” (#31, 27 July – 2 August 1941)

“It is clear that Bolshevism was not a battle for a social ideal, but rather a political battle on the part of Jewry against the national intelligence of all peoples. Rosenberg.” (#32, 3 – 9 August 1941)

Bolshevism is not a party, nor is it a worldview. It is organized criminality.” (#33, 10 – 16 August 1941)

Victory! Germany is winning on every front.” (#34, 17 – 23 August 1941) [This is an interesting one. The British had been using “V for Victory” as a slogan in BBC broadcasts to occupied Europe. Goebbels decided to pre-empt the slogan by using it in German propaganda, successfully so.]

“Now we must wage war such that the enemy will lose any desire to break the peace again. Frederick the Great in 1756 at the beginning of the Seven Year War.” (#35, 24 – 30 August 1941)

“Nothing is impossible for the German Solder. A.H.” (#36, 31 August – 6 September 1941)

“If International Finance Jewry should succeed once more in plunging the peoples into a world war, the result will not be the victory of Jewry, but rather the destruction of the Jewish race in Europe.” (#37, 7 – 13 September 1941)

“One achieves great things only through courage. With this assurance, and with the firm determination to strike everyone who stands in the way, one can defy hell and the Devil. Frederick the Great.” (#38, 14 – 20 September 1941)

“The German army is the strongest weapon in the service of Europe’s freedom. Words of our Führer.” (#39, 21 – 27 September 1941)

It was the Jews who discovered Marxism, and the Jews who have attempted for decades to revolutionize the world with it. Dr. Goebbels.” (#40, 28 September – 4 October 1941)

Farmers and soldiers stand hand in hand to give the people its daily bread and to protect the freedom of the Reich. Dr. Goebbels.” (#41, 5 – 11 October 1941)

“Struggle is everywhere. Without struggle, there is no life, and if we want to live, we must also be ready to fight. Bismarck.” (#42, 12 – 18 October 1941)

“We must find the courage to follow the path that no people before us has trod. Konstantin Hierl.” (#43, 19 – 25 October 1941)

Our soldiers are defending everything that we possess, including that which we call the German spirit: German art and German science, the freedom of research and the dignity of the nation. Dr. Goebbels.” (#44, 26 October – 1 November 1941)

“Sure nerves and iron determination are the best guarantees for success in this world. Words of our Führer.” (#45, 2 – 8 November 1941)

“Posterity forgets men who only serve their own interests, but remembers the heroes who sacrificed their own happiness. Words of the Führer.” (#46, 9 – 15 November 1941)

“Just as our ancestors did not receive the soil on which we stand today as a gift from heaven, but rather through hard work, so also today as well as in the future, our soil and with it our lives depend not on the grace of some other people, but only on the power of a successful sword. Words of our Führer.” (#47, 16 – 22 November 1941)

“We have learned from history that, in the long run, only those people survive who are willing to maintain their lives and their honor in the world. Adolf Hitler.” (#48, 23 – 29 November 1941)

To be successful, one may not be discouraged by defeats. You may not save your own neck, for he who saves himself wastes himself. Josef Ponten.” (#49, 30 November – 6 December 1941)

“The sacrifices of the front cannot be repaid. Adolf Hitler.” (#50, 7 – 13 December 1941)

“Whoever serves people will be blessed, and that is true fame. Frederick the Great.” (#51, 14 – 20 December 1941)

Lord, you see that we have changed. The German people is no longer a people of dishonor and shame, of self – destructiveness and cowardice. No, Lord, the German people is once more strong in spirit, strong in determination, strong in the willingness to bear every sacrifice. Lord, now bless our battle and our freedom, and therefore our German people and fatherland. Adolf Hitler.” (#52, 21 – 27 December 1941)

1942. May the new year increase the strength, determination, and endurance of our people, and above all give it the strength to fight for victory, and for the peace that Germany brings to all who are of good will. Dr. Goebbels.” (#1, 29 December 1941 – 4 January 1942)

“Only brave peoples have a secure existence. Arndt.” (#2, 5 – 11 January 1942)

“National Socialism is highest soldierly bearing in all ways of life. Hermann Göring.” (#3, 12 – 18 January1942)

“The greater soul of the hero must be an example to the highest and the lowest in all situations. Frederick the Great.” (#4, 19 – 25 January 1942)

Without the victory of the swastika, there would be no German army today, much less any German honor or German freedom. Hermann Goering.” (#5, 26 January – 1 February 1942)

“From the oath of the German soldier: ‘Great achievements in war and peace come only from an unshakable fighting community of leader and the troops.’” (#6, 2 – 8 February 1942)

“When the fatherland is at stake, nobody has rights, everybody has only duties. Wildenbruch.” (#7, 8 – 14 February 1942)

“To be German means to do something for its own sake. Richard Wagner.” (#8, 15 – 21 February 1942)

“When this war is over, I will return as an even more fanatic National Socialist than I was before. Adolf Hitler.” (#9, 22 – 28 February 1942)

“The soldier Adolf Hitler has forged a sharp German sword. The military leader Adolf Hitler uses it to strike victorious blows.” (#10, 1 – 7 March 1942)

“If I demand sacrifice from the German people, even if necessary the supreme sacrifice, I have the right to do so, for I am today as ready as I was before to make any personal sacrifice. Adolf Hitler.” (#11, 8 – 14 March 1942)

“Sacrificing one’s own life for the community is the crown of all sacrifice. Adolf Hitler.” (#12, 15 – 21 March 1942)

“The Lord God has never helped the lazy, nor does he help a coward. Adolf Hitler.” (#13, 22 – 28 March 1942)

“If the Germans stand together, they can drive the Devil from hell. Bismarck.” (#14, 29 March – 4 April 1942)

This is our oath: Every hour and every day to think only of Germany, of its people and Reich, of our great nation. Adolf Hitler.” (#15, 5 – 11 April 1942)

Let us look this great age straight in the eye. Ernst Moritz Arndt.” (#16, 12 – 18 April 1942)

Oath to the Führer: ‘We often heard your voice and listened silently and folded our hands, as each word reached our soul. We all know that one day, we will be free of poverty and oppression. What is a year? Can a law hinder the pure faith that you have given us, and that pulses through our young lives? My Führer, you alone are the path and the goal!’ From ‘The song of Loyalty,’ by Baldur von Schirach.” (#17, 19 – 25 April 1942)

“What the homeland achieves must some day withstand the test of history. Adolf Hitler.” (#18, 26 April – 2 May 1942)

Germany will not perish as long as it believes in its great historic mission. Hindenburg.” (#19, 3 – 9 May 1942)

“We may not doubt that the fate of Europe for the coming millennia is being decided. Adolf Hitler.” (#20, 10 – 16 May 1942)

The heart of a mother is the most beautiful and the surest place for the son, even when his hair is already gray, and for everyone there is only one such place in the universe. Adalbert Stifter” (#21, 17 – 23 May 1942)

War demands the greatest effort from the solder, and the greatest willingness to sacrifice from the homeland. Adolf Hitler.” (#22, 24 – 30 May 1942)

“Be true to your people and serve it with your full strength. Konstantin Hierl.” (#23, 31 May – 6 June 1942)

“May the German nation never forget that the hardness of a people is never shown when the leadership has visible successes, but rather in times of apparent defeats. Adolf Hitler.” (#24, 7 – 13 June 1942)

“The German people and its soldiers today are not fighting only for themselves and for their era, but for the coming, even most distant, generations. Adolf Hitler.” (#25, 14 – 20 June 1942)

“There is no better way of thanking our soldiers for their courage than to help to heal their wounds. Adolf Hitler.” (#26, 21 – 27 June 1942)

“He who fights has rights. He who does not fight has lost his rights. Inscription on the Reval city hall.” (#27, 28 June – 4 July 1942)

“He who seeks to escape his duty has no claim to be a people’s comrade. Adolf Hitler.” (#28, 5 – 11 July 1942)

“Each working hand helps us to win.” (#29, 12 – 18 July 1942)

“Generosity and friendship are never signs of weakness, but of spiritual superiority. A little generosity from person to person is better than a general love of humanity.” (#30, 19 – 25 July 1942)

““Hard and without pity as we were in our struggle for power, so will we also be in the struggle for the preservation of our nation. Adolf Hitler.” (#31, 26 July – 1 August 1942)

“People, help yourself, and then God will not deny his help. Adolf Hitler.” (#32, 2 – 8 August 1942)

“Just as the whole people, without exception, will enjoy the successes of this war, so must the whole people, without exception, share in its burdens. Dr. Goebbels.” (#33, 9 – 15 August 1942)

“He who wants to suffer nothing at home must be ashamed before the heroes of battle. Ernst Moritz Arndt.” (#34, 16 – 22 August 1942)

Not the lukewarm and the neutrals make history, but rather people who are willing to fight. Adolf Hitler.” (#35, 23 – 29 August 1942)

“To gain great successes, one must take risks. Moltke.” (#36, 30 August – 5 September 1942)

“10 September — — Bloody Sunday in Bromberg: ‘When light battles with darkness, there can be no peace, only a struggle between life and death until one or the other is destroyed.’ Dietrich Eckart.” (#37, 6 – 12 September 1942)

“Everything that serves victory is important to the war effort; everything that hinders or delays victory is a crime against the security of the people. Dr. Goebbels.” (#38, 13 – 19 September 1942)

Only he has the right to criticize who can better solve the problem. Adolf Hitler.” (#39, 20 – 26 September 1942)

“Speak clearly and openly, and when one has a friend, march with him to the end. Mussolini.” (#40, 27 September – 3 October 1942)

“What the German farmer has accomplished in recent years is unique and unprecedented. Adolf Hitler.” (#41, 4 – 10 October 1942)

“Disloyalty once defeated our people. Loyalty will once again save it. Adolf Hitler.” (#42, 11 – 17 October 1942)

“He who had no children knows no sorrow, but he who dies without children knows no joy.” (#43. 18 – 24 October 1942)

“Courageous initiative and rapid action are usually half of success. Dr. Goebbels.” (#44, 25 – 31 October 1942)

“No people on this earth has more reason today than the German to look to its future with confidence. Dr. Goebbels.” (#45, 1 – 7 November 1942)

“The fatherland may demand any sacrifice. Theodor Körner.” (#46, 8 – 14 November 1942)

“Just as in the past, the heaviest burden in this battle of all our soldiers is carried by the infantry. Adolf Hitler.” (#47, 15 – 21 November 1942)

“We gaze into this fall and clear winter not with the thought that the storm will pass by our home, but rather that we may withstand it. Gorch Fock.” (#48, 22 – 28 November 1942)

Labor honors the woman as well as the man, but a child ennobles the mother. Adolf Hitler.” (#49, 29 November – 5 December 1942)

“England’s policies are neither decent, nor admirable, nor dependable, but rather their primary characteristic is hypocrisy. Bismarck.” (#50, 6 – 12 December 1942)

“Only a people that keeps its heart pure and hard will win the victory of the sword. Johannes Linke.” (#51, 13 – 19 December 1942)

“We belong to the generation that strives to rise from darkness into light. Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe.” (#52, 20 – 26 December 1942)

Only composure and a strong heart bring victory. Goebbels. “ (#1, 27 December 1942 – 3 January 1943)

“It depends not on the best, but rather on you doing your best. Arndt.” (#2, 4 – 10 January 1943)

“We do not want to leave to our children and to our posterity what we ourselves can do. Hermann Göring.” (#3, 11 – 17 January 1943)

“When the fatherland is in danger, he who has any thought but to rescue it is unworthy to live in a free state. Klinger.” (#4, 18 – 24 January 1943)

“We conquered the German Reich in battle, and in battle will we preserve and defend it. Adolf Hitler.” (#5, 25 – 31 January 1943)

“The strength of men shows itself not on the evening after victory, but rather when the sun does not shine. Adolf Hitler.” (#7/8, 14 – 21 February 1943)

“Do more than duty demands!” (#9/10, 21 February – 6 March 1943)

A great cause is not won by half measures. The greatest prize demands the highest effort. Theodor Fontane.” (#11, 7 – 14 March 1943)

“What one does not surrender, one has not lost. Schiller.” (#13, 22 – 28 March 1943)

“In the long run, no enemy can stand against hard work. Rosegger.” (#14/15, 28 March – 10 April 1943)

“Readiness is everything.” (#16/17, 11 – 30 April 1943)

“No one in Germany today thinks of a rotten conmpromise. The whole people thinks only of total war.” (#18/19, 26 April – 9 May 1943)

“When making a great decision, if one does not break something, if one does not ignore certain considerations, one loses his life, but never achieves anything. Moltke.” (#20, 10 – 16 May 1943)

Mother’s Day. God has sancitifed mothers’ hearts to the sacrifices of a great age.” (#21, 17 – 23 May 1943)

“The flag must stand even if the man falls. Alfred Leo Schlageter.” (#22, 24 – 30 May 1943)

“The arch shows its strength only when it bears a load.” (#23, 31 May – 5 June 1943)

The individual must and will die, but the people must endure. Adolf Hitler.” (#24/25/26, 6 – 26 June 1943)

[The German National Library collection includes a slip noting that because of war conditions, a number of issues have failed to appear. These probably include issues #23 and #27 – #31]

“If we remain brave and loyal, victory will be ours in the end. Dr. Goebbels.” (#32, 1 – 7 August 1943)

“One must demand the impossible to achieve the possible. Moltke.” (#33, 8 – 14 August 1943)

“He who doubts victory does not deserve to belong to our community. Dr.Goebbels.” (#34, 15 – 21 August 1943)

We do not talk about peace, we fight for it! Dr. Goebbels.” (#35, 22 – 28 August 1943)

“Adolf Hitler: Strong nerves and iron determination are the best guarantees of success in this world.” (#36/37, 28 August – 11 September 1943)

“The more men and women put themselves as the disposal of the war effort, the harder the Führer will be able to strike back. Dr. Goebbels.” (#38, 12 – 18 September 1943)

“Success in the end will only come for him who stands fast and never loses his nerve. Adolf Hitler.” (#39, 19 – 25 September 1943)

“There are times when taking the greatest risk is the greatest wisdom. Clausewitz.” (#40, 26 September – 2 October 1943)

“The peasant’s pride has a good foundation, for the peasant is the people, is the bearer of culture, is the preserver of the race. Hermann Löns.” (#41, 3 – 9 October 1943)

“We must think in terms of the ages, not of the moment. Adolf Hitler.” (#21, 10 – 16 October 1943)

“I have seen that, with courage and strength of will, one overcomes all. Scharnhorst.” (#43, 17 – 23 October 1943)

“In our will is victory. Jahn.” (#44, 24 – 30 October 1943)

“My faith is the love of my people. Ulrich von Hutten.” (#45, 31 October – 6 November 1943)

“Strong hearts bring victory.” (#46, 7 – 13 November 1943)

“In general, thinking together is always necessary, chattering together is not. Gottfried Keller.” (#47, 14 – 20 November 1943)

“We want to work and fight as if our lives were daily at risk. Dr. Goebbels.” (#48, 21 – 27 November 1943)

“In everythng you do and do not do, in what you speak and keep silent about, remember that you are a German. Dr. Goebbels.” (#49, 28 November – 4 December 1943)

“Discipline is the most important virtue in war, whether at the front or at home. Dr. Goebbels.” (#50, 5 – 11 December 1943)

“If the times become hard, we Germans will become harder.” (#51, 12 – 18 December 1943)

“Salvation (Heil) does not fall from heaven. It must be seized. Eichendorff.” (#52, 19 – 15 December 1943)

“As long as I breathe, I will not give up. Eichendorff.” (#53, 26 December 1943 – 1 January 1944)

Anything is possible in this war, excepting only that we ever capitulate. Dr. Goebbels.” (#1, 2 – 8 January 1944)

“Remember always that you are a child of the bravest and hardest-working people on earth, that must bear much misfortune and sorrow to reach its goal. From the War Articles of the German People by Dr. Goebbels.” (#2, 9 – 15 January 1944)

“Nothing is too valuable to be sacrificed for freedom. Dr. Goebbels.” (#3, 16 – 22 January 1944)

“Each suggestion that comes from the enemy is an attack on our war moral. Dr. Goebbels.” (#4, 23 – 29 January 1944)

“He who would rather die than lay down his weapon cannot be defeated! Stephan Ludwig Roth.” (#5, 30 January – 6 February 1944)

“No great heroes in world history have not withstood the hardest burdens. Adolf Hitler.” (#6, 6 – 12 February 1944)

German people, whatever comes, we will master it. At the end, there will be victory. Adolf Hitler.” (#7, 13-19 February 1944)

“Dr. Goebbels: All that we possess we fought for, earned, and built up as a free people. Without freedom, it would lose its meaning, its purpose, but also its very existence.” (#8, 20 – 26 February 1944)

“In the hour of fate of our people, the homeland has the same slogan as the front: hardness and faith. General Dietl.” (#9, 27 February – 4 March 1944)

“The more one has sacrificed and is sacrificing for the war, the more fanatically one must believe in victory, working and fighting for it. That gives a sacrifice, even the heaviest one, its meaning. Dr. Goebbels.” (#10, 5 – 11 March 1944)

“Everything can be achieved through stedfastness and determination. Prince Eugen.” (#11, 12 – 18 March 1944)

“There is but one sin: cowardice.” (#12, 19 – 15 March 1944)

“I want to seize fate by its throat. I will never bend before it. Beethoven.” (#13, 26 March – 1 April 1944)

“The heavier the tasks a people faces, the higher the level to which it will climb. Lagarde.” (#14, 2 – 8 April 1944)

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