Festive Nuremberg (Festlisches Nürnberg)

Picking up where Triumph of the Will leaves off, this film features highlights from the Party rallies at Nüremberg in 1936 and 1937. An extended aerial sequence, showing Nüremberg in all its gothic splendor, opens the film; Hitler’s airfield arrival and triumphant motorcade into town commence its grand ceremonies. Subsequent scenes at the Zeppelinfeld demonstrate the colossal scale and military precision of National Socialist pageantry, while capturing the escalating quotient of spectacle at Nüremberg over the 1930s. A growing variety of pageantry is also suggested, from mass folk-dance performances in rural costume, to a sensational sequence of Wehrmacht exercises conducted at Zeppelinfeld: parachute drops, cavalry, infantry and Panzer formations, artillery fire and live explosions. Throughout its spectacular sequences-night rallies, torchlit marches, massed throngs and fireworks-the film argues its case for an ever-growing bond between party and nation.

Germany, 1937, B&W, 20 minutes, German commentary, English subtitles.

2 comments on “Festive Nuremberg (Festlisches Nürnberg)

  1. will says:

    i had the pleasure of going to Nuremberg many times when in Germany 1971 what a gorgeous city ,architecture galore and the people awesome. today the Fuhrer be sick to see the muslim swine all over raping and robbing murdering …

  2. will says:

    i wish for a Nationalist Party here in the US ,people are just to stupid and their is no one who really could do what Adolf Hitler Did,Inspire !

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