The End of the Jewish Century

The historian, Yuri Slezkine, of Russian-Jewish origin called the twentieth century the Jewish century. That’s right! It started with the „Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. It is completely immaterial that they were and still are described by Jews as a forgery. To prove that this is the case they would have to present an unaltered original or other author. To this day this has not been done. From out present vantage point, at the beginning of the twenty-first century, instead we can in retrospect verify the step by step achievement of the procedures shown in the protocols. It is about the enforcement of the NWO (New World Order), by the chosen people. It is also about the destruction of Germany.

As early as 1889 plans were being made for the downfall of the three European empires at the Congress, Paris which was also celebrating the centenary of the French Revolution. Records and reports of this Masonic congress reminiscing about the French Revolution are found in writing, and particularly explicit in the 1890 published Christmas edition of the British magazine „The Truth” entitled „The Kaiser’s dream”.

World War I began in 1914 with the murder of the heir to the throne of the aged Austrian Emperor. It ended with the murder of the Russian Tsar and his family, and the fall of the Austrian and Prussian-German Emperor. At the same time the Bolshevik revolution took place in Russia, which in Petersburg alone 1917/18 resulted in a loss of more than 1.3 million inhabitants – by shooting, starvation and whilst fleeing. A Bolshevik orgy of slaying swept through Russia in those days.

In the West, the Entente Powers, in particular President Wilson with his fourteen points, lured the Germans into the so-called peace trap, that is to lay down their arms. It was followed by the Versailles Diktat and the plundering of Germany accompanied by the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians through hunger and unemployment in the ensuing years of peace. However, the spiritual power and the will of the German people to survive were not finally defeated. In 1933 the Third Reich of the National Socialists arose, who identified the real enemy of the world, which in that same year led to a new declaration of war.

From then on the Germans – and not only the government – were spoken of as World Enemy Number One. The mutual destruction of the nation was therefore considered appropriate. This time it was the unsustainable conditions in Poland caused by Versailles which were the reason.

World War II in particular claimed millions of human lives; a war in which almost the whole world fought for 5. years against Germany and its few allies. Till today no peace treaty has been signed.

Most German cities were largely razed to the ground, more than a quarter of German territory was handed over to foreign powers, and the Germans who had lived there for centuries expelled. During this expulsion of about fifteen million Germans – equivalent to the entire population of Scandinavia – some 2.5 to 3 million civilians, mostly women and children and old people, were bestially murdered. Were they ever compensated by the countries that evicted them, or the murderers and bomber pilots held accountable?

Worse than this was the adopted re-education of the German people and being overrun by foreigners in their own country.

Despite all these measures after a relatively short time the Federal Republic of Germany – a product of the victorious powers – became a leading economic power in central Europe. The citizens built their ruined cathedrals and cities again. They integrated the millions of displaced persons and through unprecedented hard work the general prosperity grew once again to the dismay of the globalists.

In Russia at the twentieth Party Congress in 1956 Nikita Khrushchev introduced de-Stalinization. To this day in Russia the current Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin has been trying to clean up the aftermath of the Bolshevik Revolution that, in addition, poisoned men’s souls. His main opponents are the oligarchs of the present day. By comparison, in the Federal Republic of Germany the people with the greatest influence on the masses are the media moguls. They have degraded people to consumers and voting cattle for the elites. In the USSR and particularly after its collapse in the Ukraine, in their pathological greed the oligarchs plundered the rich provinces.

Since the late seventies the Holocaust has taken centre stage in providing moral justification for this ideology of Jewish world supremacy. Its symbol is the millions of Jews gassed in the extermination camp Auschwitz.

However, the symbol has already collapsed on itself as a result of a large number of would-be survivors of this place of horror that have been unmasked as phoney, as well as a number of scientific investigations. There are also the newly published “Commander’s and Headquarter’s Orders in the Concentration Camp Auschwitz 1940-1945” that an official body, the Institute for Contemporary History, has published in Munich. From all this it can be seen that Auschwitz was a labour camp for the production of armaments and not an extermination camp. However, from that it should not be concluded that appalling incidents had not taken place in concentration camps – and that the whole world over – nor that in Auschwitz there were not thousands of dead resulting from a variety of reasons as were happening at the time all over Germany.

But the question arises: „Where were the six million Jews gassed or murdered as is still claimed in the courts and in the media?” These victims are still commemorated on the 27th. January. The German people and the world at large has a right to know where this allegedly greatest crime of the Germans occurred. Neither the legal Paragraph 130 nor the expression „Offenkundig” (obvious) suffice to explain this. What we need is a public pro and contra discussion especially by experts and scientists if we want to claim to uphold the rule of law and to stand for truth and justice.

A peaceful future in which people live happier than in the Jewish Century, in which all our ecological problems can finally be collectively tackled, responsibly and sustainably, cannot be achieved on the basis of lies, nor under the continued rule of capitalism.

The US, in conjunction with Israel and NATO, are now actually provoking a Third World War. They cannot do this alone, however the globalists have many willing and well rewarded henchmen in their service. But they are and will remain a small minority. Perhaps with this war-mongering they want to divert attention from their big lies?

– We will not participate!

– We want truthful clarification!

– Since we live in the Christian West we stand for justice, and forgiveness and tolerance are not alien to us.

– We reject the principal of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth unto the third and fourth generation.

Only then can we achieve an end to this appalling Jewish century. Will we become aware of our power, the power of the powerless in their great majority and resist by confronting the wiles of the devil and his temptations?

11.07.2014                                                                   Ursula Haverbeck

One comment on “The End of the Jewish Century

  1. Peter Grafström says:

    The jews died as slave workers with insufficient clothing and housing, digging underground bunkers and tunnels to which the german industry moved in order to avoid the allied bombing. This happened when germans were suffering on several fronts. The civilians being burned alive on the home front, ie literally a holocaust. Those slave workers were intended to die. It was payback for what powerful jews were perceived to have caused Germany. In the first world war britain managed to cause the war but made the world believe germany was the aggressor. Even the influential jewry in the US may have believed it although in reality germany was entirely innocent. Assuming these jews believed germany to be the evil party, it might have seemed to them acceptable to interfere and make the USA join the war against Germany. In any case since the germans were innocent, this action from the jews was an unprovoked very hostile act against germans. Maybe some day jews will come to see things in the light of this and realize that they caused unprovoked massdeath of germans. Later things become more complicated, foreign bankers deliberately causing economic crisis. So it isnt just WWI but I’ll skip over the rest…
    The reason why the victors are talking about gas chambers instead of those underground tunnels is for the same reason that the official mythology about WWII doesnt mention the fact that the USA owned a great deal in Germany. The gatekeepers in discussion groups about WWII are busy denying it but there’s no doubt about it. So when underground tunnels were dug it wasnt just for the nazis but for their partners, the USA as well. The subsidiary of ITT was involved in the development of Focke Wulf 190. Usa and nazi Germany had business cartels together and Allen Dulles was a middle man for finance dealings between the nazi regime and their western partners. War is extremely profitable for the winners. So while the soldiers are dying on both sides the finance and corporate elites involved dont want it to stop and dont want to break business alliances and cartels. Usa does not want people to know too much about this. So it was better for them to say the jews died in Auschwitz. After WWII jews like David Ben Gurion may well have known about this but he was bargaining with the Rockefellers to get the south american vote for the recognition of the state of Israel in 1947. Nelson Rockefeller said you can either get a country or retribution. You cant get both. Therefore the jews accepted that there would be no persecution of nazis in South America and I personally suspect that they also made deals about not exposing the things mentioned above.
    The americans used the networks of the nazis to control Germany economically and politically. The nazis had nothing to bargain with. They just had to do what they were told. But some americans believe the nazis have controlled america after WWII, saying america didnt win the war. I guess its comfortable to blame an imaginary foe.
    SpiegelTV made a film about the underground tunnels and interviewed survivors. Michael Palomino has arranged material from that video on and he mentions some numbers, saying SS doctors estimated life expectancy of the slave workers to be 60-80 days and Palomino cites an estimate of 1,9 million dead jews.
    He also suggests without proof that the Stalin regime would have murdered many but I disregard that. The important thing is that SpegelTVs film gives us a reasonable explanation although they are not explicitly making any overall estimate and not arguing about it. They let us think for ourselves and I think Palominos thinking with this background is worth taking seriously. As you might guess the gate keepers I mentioned immediately attack not the main issue but other topics brought up by Palomino such as conspiracy theories about the moon landings. It isnt necessary to scrutinize Palominos other ideas. SpiegelTVs film stands on its own feet.

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