Heimat (1938)

Directed by: Carl Froelich
Produced by: Carl Froelich for Ufa
Written by: Harald Braun;
Hans Brennert and
Otto Ernst Hesse (Adaptation of the original)
Music: Theo Mackeben
Cinematography: Franz Weihmayr
Edited by: Gustav Lohse
Zarah Leander: Magda von Schwartze
Heinrich George: Leopold von Schwartze
Ruth Hellberg: Marie
Lina Carstens: Fränze von Klebs
Paul Hörbiger: Franz Heffterdingk
Georg Alexander: Ludwig Prinz von Ilmingen
Leo Slezak: Rohrmoser
Hans Nielsen: Max von Wendlowsky
Franz Schafheitlin: Bank Manager von Keller
Charlott Daudert: Kellers Girlfriend
Hugo Froelich: Diener Christian
Babsi Schultz-Reckewell: Poldi
Leopold von Ledebur: Excellency
Erich Ziegel: Pastor of the town residence


1885. For the opera festival it has organized, the small town of Imlingen has invited a famous singer, Maddalena Dall’Orto, who will not only sing at the local opera but will also perform the part of Bach’s St. Matthew’s Passion at church. The lady is welcomed by an enthusiastic welcome committee comprising the Prince of Imlingen himself. After a while Maddalena, who has come with her friend Rohrmoser, reveals that they are both of German origin. In fact, Maddalena is Magda von Schwartze, a citizen of Ilmingen who has left home in anger a few years before…


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