Gottfried Feder – The programme of the NSDAP

Today is the 95-th anniversary since the founding of the NSDAP (24.02.1920)! Greetings to all comrades!

Adolf Hitler - Portait-6

For this anniversary I digitized the important brochure “The programme of the NSDAP” by Gottfried Feder. You can download it from the link below:


On 24 February 1920 in Munich was founded the National-Socialist German Worker’s Party – NSDAP. Led by our Führer Adolf Hitler, NSDAP became much more than a political movement – it became the holy Order of the entire German folk – the Order which united the Germans of all classes, educated and organized them in the best possible way.

Thanks to Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP – only within 6 years Germany turned into the greatest world power! During the following 6 years the NSDAP became the heart and soul of the European resistance forces and led them through the greatest war in the history. Although the war was lost, the National-Socialism is a perfect example for the future generations – NSDAP is written with golden letters into the world history – forever!

3 comments on “Gottfried Feder – The programme of the NSDAP

  1. Danke für das Digitalisieren der englischen Version des Parteiprogramms!

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