Year of Reckoning – by G. Ward Price


An interesting book about the crucial events of the year 1938 – when the German Reich reached the peak of its glory under the glorious leadership of the Führer Adolf Hitler!

 Adolf Hitler with George Ward Price

Adolf Hitler with George Ward Price in 1938

George Ward Price was a British journalist who had unprecedented access to Adolf Hitler and his government. This book relays his first-hand accounts of major political events leading up to 1938, including the Anschluss and the return of the Sudeten Germans to the Drittes Reich.

Although written from a British viewpoint– the author is fairly objective and even handed. He criticizes and/or praises events where believe it is necessary, making fascinating reading. He also more importantly exposes a lot of the deliberate disinformation written about Hitler and National Socialism at the time, as well as relating some surprising and interesting historical facts about the behaviour of European other nations that is conveniently not publicised in our post war versions of the events leading up to the second world war.

About the author:

George Ward Price was born in 1886. After attending the University of Cambridge, he became a journalist and was eventually recruited by The Daily Mail. As the newspaper’s foreign correspondent, he developed a close relationship with Adolf Hitler. According to the German historian, Hans-Adolf Jacobsen: “The famous special correspondent of the London Daily Mail, Ward Price, was welcomed to interviews in the Reich Chancellery in a more privileged way than all other foreign journalists, particularly when foreign countries had once more been brusqued by a decision of German foreign policy. His paper supported Hitler more strongly and more constantly than any other newspaper outside Germany.”

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