Russia celebrates Jewish victory over Germany on May 9th


Today, May 9th is victory day in Russia. They ‘celebrate’ their victory over Germany in WW2. It was certainly not only Russia who defeated Germany, the Americans and British also played a major role in Germany’s defeat. In militaristic terms, any nation facing these overwhelming odds would have eventually succumbed to military defeat.

Communist Russia’s victory day in reality is a day of shame and barbarity. In the aftermath of WW2, they carried out unspeakable atrocities against not only German men, women and children, but against every nation’s civilian population that the ‘Red Army’ encountered.

Mass rape and murder of civilians became the Communists weapon of ‘revenge.’ The history of Communism is a history of mass murder and atrocity after atrocity, long before WW2 they had massacred millions of their own people aswel as creating mass famines that also led to the deaths of many millions of people. So the actions of the Red Army beasts after WW2 was exactly how Communists operated.

It is estimated that 2 million women in Germany alone were raped by the Communists, with countless numbers of them brutally murdered whilst husbands, brothers and sons were forced to look on at gun point. Anybody attempting to stop what was happening was instantly shot. The women were repeatedly gang raped and the ages varied from the youngest of girls to the very oldest of women. Survivors have spoke of the age group of 8 to 80 suffering these despicable Communist crimes.

Those women who survived the rape ordeal, and who became pregnant as a result sought abortions, or left any child born as a result of Communist rape at the hospitals.

There are many harrowing accounts of what happened, but il provide this link for anybody wanting to look further into this.

German women Gabriele Koepp, breaks taboo on Soviet rapes:

This is barely scraping the surface of what actually happened, and there are many other Communist crimes committed after the war that most people have never heard about.

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One comment on “Russia celebrates Jewish victory over Germany on May 9th

  1. Susie B says:

    Read A Woman in Berlin… harrowing is not the word, looks like they made a movie from it too. It’s a real and rare experience from a German point of view.

    Had Russia not been attacked, though, Germany wouldn’t have faced such odds. At all. Was it unavoidable in your opinion?

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