S.A.-Mann Brand (1933)

Directed: Franz Seitz
Produced: Franz Seitz
Written: Curt J. Braun
Music: Toni Thoms
Edited: Gottlieb Madl
Release dates: 1933
Running time: 94 minutes
Country: Germany
Language: German


Heinz Klingenberg: Fritz Brand
Wera Liessem: Anni Baumann
Rolf Wenkhaus: Erich Lohner
Hedda Lembach: Margaret Lohner
Otto Wernicke: Herr Brand
Elise Aulinger: Frau Brand
Joe Stöckel: Anton Huber
Helma Rückert: Genoveva Huber
Max Weydner: Alexandr Turow
Philipp Weichand: SA-Wirt
Fritz Greiner: Herr Baumann
Magda Lena: Frau Baumann
Rudolf Frank: Neuberg
Manfred Koempel: Pilot, himself
Theo Kaspar: himself
Wastl Witt: Wirt “Café Diana”
Rudolf Kunig: Stadtrat Rolat


S.A.-Mann Brand (Storm Trooper Brand) presents the story of a truck driver, Fritz Brand, who joins the National-Socialist S.A. (Sturmabteilung) to defend Germany against communist subversion orchestrated from Moscow. He persuades his social circle of the imminent danger and the need to support Hitler in the federal election.

The Brand and Baum families live in a Munich tenement. Father Brand, a Social Democrat, scorns his son (Fritz) for joining the the National-Socialist S.A. (Storm Detachment). Anni Bauman is, like her parents, a member of the Communist Party. Nevertheless, she is attracted to Fritz Brand, and when she is given an assignment to trap him, she lets him in on the party’s schemes. As the National-Socialists are raiding a Communist cache, Fritz is wounded in crossfire. On his hospital bed, father and son come back together, and Anni opens up to Fritz. Following his discharge, the shock troops march through the residential quarter, and in the midst of it a colleague of Brand Lohner is shot by a Communist. The film ends with the electoral victory of the National-Socialists and the arrest of their political enemies.


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