From the Germanic to the European Duty

This war during the 4 years of its conduct until now has shown the German people more and more horizons of their future duties. Today the German nation, willingly or unwillingly must face the task of creating the future of the European continent. Especially the German unification has given the German nation the power to perform that task. This coming solution is not solely based on armed conflict. The problem of the new organisation of the coexistence of the European nations awaits a solution being aware of its historical and present amplitude. The awareness of the Germanic common ground, having been lost progressively in time, has been awakened and finds its expression in the Dutch, Norwegian and Danish units of the Waffen SS. This war is a war of ideology.

Like the nation theories of the past had to make place for the German Empire doctrine; so the common Germanic ideology will integrates itself into the polymorphic population problems of Europe.

Here however Germany takes a more prominent place, based on her history, her historical responsibility and the amount of her blood losses.

Therefore the implicitness of her leadership, therefore the fact that European nations lean themselves on Germany, therefore the alignment of the different European units of the Waffen SS.

German is appointed to free all cultivated nations of Europe, not by imposing her own peculiarities on other nations, but by teaching all nations to be aware of themselves and their own unique history.

What is our goal? To secure for the German nation a life in freedom and dignity and to turn her into a member of a happy European family of nations. The nations of Europe shall no more frail each other by wars among brothers, but use their powers in free evolvement to obtain a great common achievement. A new age of order and creation will see Europe as the leading power of culture of the world, finding her highest fulfilment in creative activities.


The Reich is the natural centre and collecting point of Europe, the German people are member of the European family of people.

The relationship of the Reich towards Europe is not the oppressive way of imperialism. The imperialistic state does not know the terms „People“ or „race“ and therefore cannot honour them.

In imperialistic systems minorities are under brutal state oppression or have to change their national orientation (Polonisation, Czechisation, Russification, Hungarisation). The European family of nations will become a comradeship of nations. Her members stand in the same relationship like the ethnic Germans in the territory of the Reich. This European family of nations will have the motto: European community’s benefits have priority towards national profits.

Each European community has its roots in its own ethnic background and only by preserving and freely developing its national and ethnic uniqueness’s can give its best contribution to cultural life of the European community.

There will be no phasing of people or impoverishing uniformation. Each nation out of pure ethnicity will render its own contribution. Europe has given many things to the world. The highest achievements of civilisation come from Europe. Americanism and Bolshevism consume, what was received from Europe.

European culture will be the force which in the future will secure its place in the world and the advance of its Lebensraum’s (place to live).


Most European and the German population consist of six races, the partition of each being different from nation to nation. They belong entirely to the „Europoide“ group of races and are more or less akin to each other. Those are 1. the Nordic 2. the phalic 3. the dinaric 4. the eastern (alpine) 5. the eastern baltic/east European and 6. the western (mediterranian) Race. It shall be here a short introduction into the most important physical and spiritual properties of those races.

  1. The Nordic human being is tall, needs a long period of maturation and obtains ripeness late. The tall, very structured body is a sophisticated tool for moving and bearing, legs are created for wide stepping, hands and arms for creating. Bones and muscles are developed to be powerful. The skin strikes out by its gentleness and coloration, the eyes are bright, the hair is soft and blond. The particumliarities of the nordic soul are rooted and anchored in the body. The nordic soul, always youth like, does not only dissemble itself in the environment, she is „world directed“. In her movements and actions she is actively directed to the endless infinity of space. She must conquer territories but also creatively modify them, rebuild ans possess them. The nordic soul does not dissolve in the environment, she leaves her stamp on it. The nordic continously has to work on his attitude, the nordic is his own task and under own responsibility. The nordic soul is conquered by rationality and will.That gives her clearness and brightness, cleverness and coolness. She keeps the distance to the surrounding. The congruency of inner and outer, the internalness and boundaries to the surrounding are task, problem and necessity in one. None of the souls created by race is so dpendent to be in harmony with herself. Greatness and danger are manifested i n her natural fundamental character. Only the ordic soul was capable to become „Dr. Faust“-like, eternally progressing, only finding self fufillment in progressing, creating and researching, menwhile never resting, loosing itself i n the real world, reaching for infinity and the non fulfilled.

As far as the „phalic“ soul differs spirituallyand physically from the nordic, the uniqueness and ethnicity lies in her severity and the elementary internal momentum. What „attitudeé is for the nordic soul,is „class“ for the phalic Nordic dynamic and pushing forward is complementary to phalic consistency.

As long as the dinaric souls differs from the nordic and halic, it is in her nativeness and unhewness; the powerfulness and meanwhile roughness.

Consistent in themselves are also the main physical and spiritual features of the westic soul. In her smallness and prematureness, her easiness and petitness of body and limbs, her velvet softness and tanned coloration of skin and eyes the unique features of her soul are rooted. The westic soul, more adapted and integrated to the environment as compared to the nordic, is the most flexible and most easy maneuvrable and is in the strongest form exposed to the alterations of mood. In parallel she is fully erotic, accessible, broad minded and connected to the colourful and warm erotic contents of life.

Completely different in itself; in her way ethnical and self contained, unique as itself, the ostic soul faces the nordic. The ostic body is of shorter growth, compressed, rounded, short legs, long arms, not so extremely structured, well fat padded, all around rounded and soft. The ostic soul is adapted to her surrounding nature and keeps the contact to it. She lives there and wants to communicate with it. Her world is quite secretive, rounded up, warmed by emotions. The ostic soul, as much as she is connected to her environment, rests and finds peace in herself, she remains in her dedicated ambience, she lives and dissolves in the frozen, senses her feeling of security and careness there. Connectivity to the environment; being carried by emotions, emotional warmth are important features of the ostic soul, which especially are contrat to the consciousness enlightning coolness and dryness of the nordic soul. Strength and danger are closely neighboured in the ostic soul too. Secureness, careness, carriedness warmth and adaptativity however also set limits and impassable natural hurdles.

Inhomogenous in itself is the northern baltic race. Those are short grown, lately matured beings. The angular silhouettes overall are round, but also edged and bulging in the detail. The eyes are bright but not as transparent as in the nordic people. The northern baltic soul for our understanding is the least homogenous. She is adapted and maladapted in one. Her advance not by conquering like in the nordic soul, her calmness is not fulfilling like in the ostic. Her conscious reflections only rarely will find fruitful enlightment, because it lacks the erotic relationship to the surroundings. The eastern baltic soul is conquered by will, and in parallel conscious and dedicated to emotion, fragile in attitudes. Her will sometimes violates the reality.


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