Die goldene Stadt (1942)

Directed by: Veit Harlan
Produced by: UFA
Music by: Hans-Otto Borgmann after motives by Smetana
Written by: Veit Harlan, Alfred Braun, Werner Eplinius – based on the play by Richard Billinger
Cinematography: Bruno Mondi (Agfacolor)
Edited by: Friedrich Karl von Puttkamer
Release dates: 1942
Running time: 110 minutes
Country: Germany
Language: German


Kristina Söderbaum: Anna Jobst
Eugen Klöpfer: Melchior Jobst
Annie Rosar: Aunt of Anna
Dagny Servaes: Lilli
Paul Klinger: Engineer Leitwein
Kurt Meisel: Toni
Rudolf Prack: Thomas
Liselotte Schreiner: Marischka
Hans Hermann Schaufuß: Nemetschek
Frida Richard: Mrs. Amend
Inge Drexel: Maidservant Julie
Walter Lieck: Julies Bräutigam Ringl
Ernst Legal: Peasant Pelikan
Maria Hofen: Peasant woman
Valy Arnheim: Notar Alois Wengraf
Else Ehser: Maidservant at Anna Jobst
Hugo Flink: Postman in Prague
Josef Dahmen: Peasant
Karl Harbacher: Peasant
Emmerich Hanus: Peasant


Anna, a young, innocent country girl (a Sudeten German), whose mother drowned in the swamp, dreams of the golden city of Prague. After she falls in love with a surveyor, she runs away to Prague to find him. She is instead seduced and abandoned by her cousin (a Czech). She attempts to return home, but her father rejects her, and she drowns herself in the swamp where her mother died.

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