Die Frau meiner Träume (1944)

(The Woman of My Dreams)

Directed by: Georg Jacoby
Produced by: UFA, Herstellungsgruppe Georg Jacoby
Written by: Johann von Vaszary,
Georg Jacoby
Music by: Franz Grothe
Cinematography: Konstantin Tschet
Edited by: Erich Kobler
Release dates: 1944
Running time: 99 minutes
Country: German Reich
Language: German


Marika Rökk: Revue Star Julia Köster
Wolfgang Lukschy: Chief engineer Peter Groll
Walter Müller: Engineer Erwin Forster
Georg Alexander: Impresario
Grethe Weiser: Bridesmaid Luise
Inge Drexel: Pauper Resi
Valentin Froman: Julia’s dance partner
Willy Schulte-Vogelheim: Julia’s dance partner
Egon Vogel: Reporter
Erna Krüger: Usher in Revue Theatre
Karin Lüsebrink: Cashier of the Revue Theatre
Lotte Spira: Canteen landlady
Vera Witt: Julia’s dresser Mariechen
Erwin Fichtner: Lodge guest with monocle
Julius Brandt: Traveled in sleeping compartment
Karl Etlinger: Headwaiter in the station restaurant
Karl Hannemann: Porters at the station
Victor Janson: Local guest
Fritz Lafontaine: Theater stage manager
Gustav Püttjer: Blaster at Groll
Connie Hansen: Usherette
Hans Stiebner: Santander train
Jakob Tiedtke: Old Man at the box office
Herbert Weißbach: Sleeper inspector
Ewald Wenck: Stage porter


George Jacoby’s musical comedy was tailor made for the UfA diva Marika Rokk. As a musical revue star, Julia Koster flees to the mountains in a train to finally escape the hustle and bustle of the theatrical world. Somehow, she ends up alone in the wilderness with nothing more than a fur coat and is saved by the engineers Erwing Forster and Peter Groll. Unaware of Julia’s identity, Groll falls in love with her. For her part, Julia is enjoying the simple life in the mountain settlement and has discovered she can be quite the housewife, when she wants to be…

Die Frau meiner Traeume

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