Der Choral von Leuthen (1933)

Directed by: Carl Froelich
Arzén von Cserépy
Produced by: Carl Froelich
Written by: Johannes Brandt
Friedrich Pflughaupt
Ilse Spath-Baron
Music by: Marc Roland
Cinematography: Franz Planer
Hugo von Kaweczynski
Edited by: Oswald Hafenrichter
Gustav Lohse
Distributed by: Ufa Film Company
Release dates: 3 February 1933
Running time: 91 min
Country: Germany
Language: Hungarian


Otto Gebühr: King Frederick II of Prussia
Olga Tschechowa: Countess Mariann
Elga Brink: Countess Charlotte von Mudrach
Harry Frank: Captain Hans von Wustrow
Paul Otto: Prince Heinrich
Hans Adalbert Schlettow: Duke Moritz von Dessau
John Mylong: Gen. Seydlitz (as Jack Mylong-Münz)
Hugo Froelich: Gen. von Möllendorf
Werner Finck: Christian – candidate of theology
Josef Dahmen: Georg – Soldier
Veit Harlan: Paul – Soldier
Walter Janssen: Field Marshal Graf Daun
Paul Richter: Duke Karl von Lothringen
Anton Pointner: Pandur colonel Rawitsch
Otto Hartmann: Coronet


Der Choral von Leuthen is set in 1757 when Frederick the Great, against the advice of his generals, decided to fight the Austrians at Leuthen. Though outnumbered, the Prussians won the battle, at which point the surviving Prussian soldiers spontaneously sang a hymn, the ‘Chorale of Leuthen’, written the previous century during the Thirty Years War. Otherwise known in German as ‘Nun Danket aile Gott’ – in the English-speaking world this hymn goes under the title ‘Now Thank We all our God’ – it became closely associated with the Prussian victory. It also belonged to the concluding part of the solemn military ceremony known as the Grosser Zapfenstreich (the great military tattoo), which symbolized ‘the Holy Trinity of God, the Prussian king and the Fatherland’.

Der Choral von Leuthen

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