Gestern und heute (1938)

(Yesterday and today)

Directed by: Hans Steinhoff
Music by: Peter Kreuder
Release date: 1938
Running time: 11 minutes
Country: National-Socialist Germany
Language: German

Gestern und heute“ (lit. “Yesterday and today”) is a 1938 German NS documentary short film directed by Hans Steinhoff and Ben Keim.

The documentary film contrasts Germany in the days before Adolf Hitler became Chancellor with the current (late 1930’s) day Germany and how it has improved.

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3 comments on “Gestern und heute (1938)

  1. joachimpeiper says:

    Reblogged this on American national socialist.

  2. oppositionx says:

    The last truly Great Nation/Civilization on Earth.

    The foolish Jewish slave states that destroyed National Socialist Germany now reap the full force of Eternal Justice…they are nothing but cesspools of shame dominated by their filthy and immoral masters. Soulless peoples under soulless banners – their flags are nothing more than trademarks of international capitalist corporations.

    Would that Providence raise up another Great Spirit of Truth the likes of The Fuhrer – but alas, such as these only seem to arise every thousand years or so. Can anyone even envision a world civilization still in existence a millennium from now? I dare predict that if there is any form of structure left on planet Earth it will be one composed of soulless automatons – machines and ‘humans’ alike – producing only for the sake of production. One giant inorganic machine possessing no consciousness – and completely removed from the living Cosmic Consciousness which evolves ever upward in Its essential drive of creative Life.

    This world is heading towards becoming a dead rock laced with plastic, cement, silicon, and steel…and a mush once known as humanity. Eternity’s gift to nature – the White Race – is dying without a fight. And as always, Nature will be cruel in Her judgments – and justly so.

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