Richard Wagner – Rienzi, der Letzte der Tribunen, Dresden 1976

Rienzi, the last of the tribunes; WWV 49

Grand tragic Opera in five acts from the novel by Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Conductor: Heinrich Hollreiser
Staatskapelle Dresden – Heinrich Hollreiser
Leipziger Rundfunkchor :
Horst Neumann
Chor der Staatsoper Dresden:
Franz-Peter Müller-Sybel

Live recording: 1976

Cola Di Rienzo (Rienzi): René Kollo
Siv Wennberg
Stefano Colonna:
Nikolaus Hillebrand
Adriano Colonna:
Janis Martin
Paolo Orsini:
Theo Adam
Siegfried Vogel
Ein Friedensbote:
Ingeborg Springer
Peter Schreier
Cecco Del Vecchio:
Günther Leib

Overture: 0:00
First Act: 11:37
Second Act: 52:42
Ballet: 1:23:15
Third Act: 1:57:03
Fourth Act: 2:41:01
Fifth Act: 3:04:47

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