Wir Machen Musik (1942)

(We Make Music)

Directed by: Helmut Käutner
Written by: Manfried Rössner (play)
Hans Effenberger
Erich Ebermayer
Helmut Käutner
Cinematography: Jan Roth
Edited by: Helmuth Schönnenbeck
Production company: Terra Film
Distributed by: Deutsche Filmvertriebs
Release dates: 8 October 1942
Running time: 95 minutes
Country: Germany
Language: German


Ilse Werner: Anni Pichler
Viktor de Kowa: Paul Zimmermann
Edith Oß: Trude, trumpeter
Grethe Weiser: Monika Bratzberger
Georg Thomalla: Franz Sperling
Rolf Weih: Peter Schäfer
Ilse Buhl: Alto-saxophonist
Sabine Naundorff: Tenor saxophonist
Hilde Adolphi: Trombonist
Gertrud Leonhardt: Guitarist
Eva Gotthardt: Bassist
Kurt Seifert: Hugo Bratzberger
Victor Janson: Director Pröschke
Lotte Werkmeister: Karls Zimmerfrau Frau Zierbarth
Helmuth Helsig: Chimney-sweep
Ewald Wenck: Gasmann Knebel
Wilhelm Bendow: Theater stage director
Klaus Pohl: Stage doorman at the opera
Sonja Kuska: Music student Barbara
Otto Braml: Chairman of the Board of Examiners
Curt Cappi: Waiter Neumann
Friedrich Wilhelm Dann: Train conductor
Hanne Fey: Secretary of the music publisher
Robert Forsch: Music publishing director
Karl Hannemann: Director of the opera stage
Sonja Kuske: Barbara, music student
Karin Luesebrink: Music student
Artur Malkowsky: Opera singer at the premiere
Maria von Höslin: Peters Braut
Helga Warnecke: Music student


It is a revue film, loosely based on the stage work Karl III. and Anna von Österreich by Manfried Rössner. Karl Zimmermann, a composer whose idols are Johann Sebastian Bach and classical composers, dreams of being successful with his own opera and composes popular music for fun, but does not try to distribute it for reasons of honor. His wife, Anni Pichler is a popular singer and secretly sells his popular songs so that they can make a living. When he finally completes his opera and it is rejected by the public, he realizes that his true talent is composing popular music and not dishonorable.


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