Fridericus (1937)

Directed by: Johannes Meyer
Produced by: Hanns Otto
Written by: Walter von Molo (novel)
Erich Kröhnke
Music by: Marc Roland
Cinematography: Bruno Mondi
Edited by: Fritz C. Mauch
Production company: Diana-Tonfilm
Distributed by: Neue Deutsch Lichtspiel-Syndikat Verleih
Tobis Film
Release date: 8 February 1937
Running time: 97 minutes
Country: Germany
Language: German


Otto Gebühr: Friedrich II., King of Prussia
Hilde Körber: Wilhelmine – his sister
Lil Dagover: Marquise de Pompadour
Agnes Straub: Czarina Elisabeth
Käthe Haack: Maria Theresia
Bernhard Minetti: Count Wallis, alias Marquis DuVal
Paul Klinger: von Bonin
Carola Höhn: Louise – his wife
Paul Dahlke: Field Marshal General von Dessau
Lucie Höflich: Mrs. Büttner
Wilhelm König: Hans – her son – student
Will Dohm: Baron Warkotsch
Paul Westermeier: Musketeer Mampe
Heinrich Schroth: Capt. von Droste
Alfred Gerasch: Field Marshal General Daun
Ernst Schiffner: Austrian Staff-Officer


Fridericus is a 1937 German historical film directed by Johannes Meyer and starring Otto Gebühr, Hilde Körber and Lil Dagover. It is based on the life of Frederick II of Prussia. It was part of the popular cycle of Prussian films.

The film’s sets were designed by the art directors Otto Erdmann and Hans Sohnle. It was shot at the Halensee Studios in Berlin and on location in Brandenburg.

One comment on “Fridericus (1937)

  1. Thank you. Enjoyed the film.

    Ich danke ihnen. Sehr interessant.

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