Der Postmeister (1940)

The Stationmaster (1940)

Directed by: Gustav Ucicky
Written by: Gerhard Menzel
Produced by: Karl Hartl for Wien-Film GmbH
Music: Willy Schmidt-Gentner
Cinematography: Hans Schneeberger
Edited by: Rudolf Schaad


Heinrich George: The Stationmaster
Hilde Krahl: Dunja
Siegfried Breuer: captain Minskij
Hans Holt: ensign Mitja
Ruth Hellberg: Elisawetha
Margit Symo: Mascha
Frida Richard: Old woman in the train compartment
Alfred Neugebauer: landowner
Franz Pfaudler: servant Pjotr
Leo Peukert: Colonel
Erik Frey: Sergej
Reinhold Häussermann: tailor
Auguste Pünkösdy: Wirobowa
Oskar Wegrostek: servant of the captain
Hugo Gottschlich: valet of the captain
Anton Pointner: Cavalier on the Neva River Bridge
Karl Ehmann: old resident Sascha
Mimi Stelzer: Katja, cook of the captain
Edwin Jürgensen: secretary


When two Russian captains of cavalry came to a German post station one of them recalls what happened long time ago. He begins to tell the story: Ten years ago a comrade of them made a resting at the post station and fell in love with the station master’s daughter. He promised everything to her and finally convinced her to come with him to St. Petersburg. When both arrived there she had to realize that her captain never had the intention to marry her.

It was based on The Station Master, a short story from “The Belkin Tales” series by Alexander Pushkin.

At the Venice Film Festival, it won the Mussolini Cup for best foreign film.

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