Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Collection of Speeches – 3 Hours of Hitler Speeches


By History clips

Most of these speeches here are pre-war (as most during war don’t have footage) and have video footage, I have replaced footage with better quality one’s where possible including colour segments, some speeches may seem more patchy because of this (but the speeches in remastered colour are gold, can’t wait for the day where we can view a full speech in this quality (just look at the segment at 1:23:46 and imagine if we could see the whole thing in colour).

Most footage can be found from archives or 8-year-old YouTube channels which got them from god knows where. I am certain there are full footage reels somewhere out there, in the Bundesarchiv or otherwise but the way these were made is that they filmed them only for small 2 minute “news reel” type thingies to show in cinemas, which of course back then wasn’t that common, hence why you’ll also see numerous cameras and camera angles in these speeches yet none of them for more than 10 seconds, I would love to see a full speech with all these full camera angles one day, but that isn’t today.

Some videos don’t have subtitles as they are rare and I can’t find a translation anywhere, if you could provide a translation that would be much appreciated.

Some of these speeches can also be found in full, albeit mostly without footage, at the YouTube channel “intjewrywonww2” and the 1933 Sportpalast speech can be found on this channel.

New in V2 – More colour segments (most notably in the April 1933 Sportpalast speech), longer segments of previous speeches and added new speeches such as Graz, Vienna, Rheinmetall-Borsig works and added more oddities (small clips and undated).

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