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  1. Maximus says:

    Your site was the happiest encounter I have even done during my years looking on Internet. Please do not remove it. My heart will break. You are a gift. Thank you for existing.

  2. NBA says:

    Usually the amount of sieving and filtering of all the lies that one has to do when trying to find the truth about the awakening of the German and European people is exhausting and a MUST when visiting most sites, but not yours, so all i can say to u is: thank u for all the filtering and sieving of all the articles u post on your blog before-hand and making this quiet blog such an enjoyable and informative place to visit.
    Well Done.

  3. Bjorn says:

    Hi Propagandaleiter. This is Bjorn from Norway. I have a new website now: http://vitnet.no/

    Take a look.

  4. Christian Wagner says:

    Wonderful site. Truly a gift to all people who want to or know the truth!
    Greetings from Denmark

  5. Victor says:

    Octogenarian Arrested for Questioning WWII History on TV
    June 27, 2015 AFP 18 Comments


    By John Friend —
    Ursula Hedwig Meta Haverbeck-Wetzel, an 86-year-old German woman who was ethnically cleansed from her home following WWII, has been arrested following her appearance on a public television program in Germany. There, she openly disputed the state-sanctioned-and-enforced “Holocaust” narrative of WWII, describing it as “the biggest and most persistent lie in history.” In many countries in Europe, including Germany, it is a crime to dispute, question or openly challenge the official narrative of the Holocaust specifically and WWII generally.
    Mrs. Haverbeck, along with three of her colleagues and supporters, were arrested after having had their homes raided and ransacked by German police, where documents, books and other personal items were seized. Germany has some of the most tyrannical anti-free speech and thought laws in the world. If found guilty, Mrs. Haverbeck could face up to five years in prison.
    “Ursula Haverbeck’s arrest was predictable from the start,” Warren Routledge, author of the must-read book Holocaust High Priest: Elie Wiesel, Night, the Memory Cult & the Rise of Revisionism, explained to AMERICAN FREE PRESS in a recent interview. “The German people have been under tight Zionist Jewish control for decades. It is also a poorly kept secret that the federal republic’s current chancellor, Angela Merkel, has been a CIA [Central Intelligence Agency] asset for decades. With the country’s unification after the fall of the Berlin Wall, she made a seamless transition from reporting to the CIA about her communist bosses to snitching on the intimate workings of the new, united government of Germany.”
    During the television interview, the full version of which has been released on YouTube, Mrs. Haverbeck explains how she attempted to contact the appropriate German officials, such as the German Ministry of Justice, as well as the Central Council of Jews in Germany, for answers to basic questions she has about the alleged Holocaust. Her inquiries included asking about where specifically the purported 6 million dead bodies were disposed of. She received no answers.
    Mrs. Haverbeck noted during the roughly hour-long interview that if the officially sanctioned Holocaust narrative were effectively challenged and refuted—which courageous historical revisionists have accomplished—the entire post-WWII political system would be in jeopardy.
    “The truth needs no laws,” Mrs. Haverbeck declared before going on to state that the only solid basis for the future of humanity—for all peoples of the world—is the truth, and the official Holocaust narrative simply is not true. Therefore, it is being used to enslave and manipulate humanity, especially the German nation.
    Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Mrs. Haverbeck’s interview was her citation and discussion of the official Garrison and Commandant Orders issued by the Third Reich, which were used to guide official government policy in the network of concentration camps administered by National Socialist Germany during WWII.
    Mrs. Haverbeck correctly argues that the various concentration camps, particularly the notorious Auschwitz- Birkenau camp, were mostly labor camps used to provide healthy and productive workers for the German war effort, a fact that is well-established in the official German Orders governing behavior and policy in the camps.
    The “Mistreatment of Prisoners” section of the official Orders directly states that “no SS man may lay a hand on a prisoner . . . every emphasis must be placed on maintaining the working strength of prisoners.” Amazingly, four SS concentration camp commanders were prosecuted and punished in SS courts-martial trials for mistreating prisoners in their custody.
    Mrs. Haverbeck effectively argues that the Garrison and Commandant Orders issued by the German government conclusively prove that official German policy in the camps demanded that inmates be well cared for and treated with respect. Sanitary living quarters were required, and workers were expected to be healthy, nourished and productive.
    Other camps, particularly the so-called Aktion Reinhard camps, which consisted primarily of the Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka camps, were merely transit and relocation facilities used for transporting Jews out of the German Reich. During WWII, the German government’s official policy toward Jews living in Germany centered around ethnically cleansing them by removing them from the Reich, not mass murdering them.
    Routledge explained to AFP that persecuting individuals who question and think critically about the Holocaust narrative of WWII has been official government policy in Germany for decades now.
    “Revisionists are arrested and jailed,” Routledge told this newspaper. “It is as simple as that. Those who wield political control in Germany have made a pact with the U.S. There is a definite quid pro quo. The continued expansion of Germany’s economic influence around the world is conditioned upon the suppression of any and all internal dissent about the alleged ‘Holocaust.’ In practice, this means automatic jail terms for revisionists.”
    Despite being entirely refuted and debunked by historical revisionists, the official Holocaust narrative lives on “as a form of blackmail,” Routledge argues. “Since world Jewry controls all the mainstream media outlets in the Western ‘democracies,’ they are capable of mounting a press campaign at any moment against any individual or group of people with whom they are displeased. The German government’s action must be seen in this light. They are on a very tight leash.”
    Routledge continued: “The Jewish ‘Holocaust’ narrative is not grounded in history. It is pure propaganda invented in the wake of World War II. Its purpose is to justify the ‘New World Order’ that benefits all Jews and Israel and controls our lives today. The ‘lessons’ of the ‘Holocaust’ tell us that we must never tolerate mistreatment of anyone. Yet, the Palestinians are exempted from this universal humanitarian rule and can be crushed by Jewish fists, clubs and weaponry of all kinds at a moment’s notice without any justification.”
    Dr. James H. Fetzer, a philosopher of science who authored the foreword to Nicholas Kollerstrom’s excellent book decisively debunking the official Holocaust narrative entitled Breaking the Spell—The Holocaust: Myth and Reality, argues that the Holocaust story does not stand up to scientific or logical scrutiny.
    “My view has always been that, if the Holocaust was real, then research will support it, and if it was not, the world deserves to know,” Fetzer explained to this reporter. “We have proven it was not—and the world deserves to know.”
    Indeed, the world does deserve to know, and courageous, honorable individuals such as Mrs. Haverbeck are determined to make that a reality, despite the consequences.
    John Friend is a California-based writer who maintains a blog.

    18 Responses to Octogenarian Arrested for Questioning WWII History on TV
    1. geraldine says:
    July 18, 2015 at 13:54
    Germany needs justice. The Jew has stolen billions from Europe with this bulls*it. Why do Jews run Europe? Why do we not even have a support Ursula campaign? Come on, someone must have the knowledge to get one going.

    • Paol says:

      An outrage that freedom of speech is condemned and an old woman cannot speak the truth as she understands it. When you cannot question the mainstream story line….. then something is wrong. Very wrong.

  6. Julius S. says:

    ATT: Culture & Art – First Picture: This is not Colon/Köln, it is “REGENSBURG an der Donau”(River) !

  7. thulemann says:

    A brilliant and informative site – many thanks and keep up the good work!

  8. Paol says:

    Yes I agree and that is a strange statement to some who know me as I am mixed race.
    Why do I come to this conclusion then? All can be clearly explained by comparing animal breeds. Horses or dogs for instance. One breed is known for this, one for that, if you mix a weaker or less intellectual breed with stronger you will get a weaker group obviously. Anomalies exist however and you may mix the best of one group with the best of another and you come up with something entirely different and new. This can be seen with various mixes of tribes in European countries and other places also. As stated in the article Germans are a mix from ancient times as well.

    That said….. their clearly is a superior bloodline and spirit within bloodline. The factor that is little talked of in todays material world. What spirit is in the blood itself? There are the anomalies I mentioned… Pushkin… the Father of Russian literature. Clearly the best of African warrior stock and Russian intellectual stock produced this man. That is rare. And his spirit? Russian of course or his work would not have been so highly acclaimed. Beethoven is another. Clearly his spirit was Germanic. I must then say for myself that seeing how this truth can be evident is that as has always been said… I think like a “European” guy or more specifically I have been told I think like a Russian guy. DNA confirms my own mix to be 60% European and some of the family names are those of elevated status. Indeed my own direct biological family was a very proud European one. Superior that would mean. My intelligence tested at Mensa level in past. I attribute it to the European dna and so I am such an anomaly. This is the exception though.

    This type of study and policy would not be necessary if other groups did not have as their aim the destruction of the stronger races in spirit and progress. If there was not an agenda to infiltrate and undermine that is ages old then the Germans would never have had to worry about this, nor any other race on earth.

    Would we have the nightmare of the wars on lies in the middle east if a policy of national sovereignty and cultural protection was in place and allowed for ALL groups? Would we have a flooding of Europe with migrants if an agenda to destroy European culture and especially Germany where not present in those who fund and control the leadership of much of the Western nations? If all peoples had a free press that represented their views, their culture and their ways would we have the nightmare economically and culturally we have now?

    I am mixed and yet I understand this and do not understand why others do not (or rather did not understand but now understand that it is due to the spirit within that either sees the obvious or is foreign and does not).

    A third hand has guided an invading force into Europe, a third hand has used a superpower as its proxy army to decimate one of their enemies, the middle east and then foisted them on the people and cultures of Europe. A peoples already under attack with ultra liberal agendas led by old communist sympathizers and leaders. Race has been turned against race by the planned destruction of homelands and the forced mixing in imbalanced numbers of citizens vs immigrants. At the same time opposing sides have often been infiltrated by the third hands agents, both sides funded… divide and conquer. No one turns and looks at the true agenda, the true direction of the problem nor do governments deal with this problem nor cut it off. Our leaders seem to be all puppets. Compromised, blackmailed or greedy traitors to not one but ALL races and peoples aside from their overlords. The Gods of Mammon and usury. Some want dominion over all at the expense of every culture and every race. They want a world of their own.

    Once this is understood and you speak of it you are likely to be surveilled, scapegoat attempts used against you, discredit attempts and more. They will secretly attack you while hiding in the shadows.

    National Socialism was attacked for the truth that was clearly seen. Alfred Rosenberg wrote of the truth, Erich Luddendorf exposed more secrets and so on, so forth……. JFK even openly made comments that indeed led to his death. Much loved and respected so he had to be removed by the third hand.

    What more can I say.

  9. Majid says:

    Hi my comrades
    I am founder of TRUE NEO NAZI in IRAN
    I need direct contact to neus eroupa
    IN IRAN we need support by your advise
    I need approval from you
    I made nazi site in IRAN
    some Strasser are working against us.
    Some fake nazism too.
    I need support immediately.
    So thanks
    Iranian neo nazi leader

  10. I would like your help to create a movie with the Fuhrer’s speech on January 30, 1942.
    I have the text of the speech and I’m looking for the sound or some video.
    Do you have the sound of the above speech or a video?

  11. David says:

    How can we get in touch ? If we do not unite and organize information is useless. Greetings From Brazil

  12. Mike Walsh says:

    I would be interested in exchanging ling. Michael Walsh. The Ethnic-European. https://europeansworldwide.wordpress.com/

  13. Maxine says:

    Love your site-but is it in German available?

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