SS Mate Selection and Race


This excerpt is translated from the SS original.

First, safeguard your health and, as long as you are at the age of development, be above all abstinent in regards to pleasure poisons (alcohol, nicotine) and sexual activity. (In this regard it should be remembered that precisely the Nordic person in general only reaches full maturity late.)

Second, marry as early as possible. Only then will you and your wife fully enjoy family joy.

Third, do not marry a breed-alien wife. You are responsible to your folk and your offspring for the purity of the blood.

Fourth, do not marry a genetically ill woman. You otherwise bear guilt for the suffering of your own children and grandchildren.

Fifth, choose a completely health woman for yourself. The true picture of the health condition and of the characteristics of your future wife are shown you by her clan.

Sixth, your wife should be racially at least as valuable as you.

Seventh, strive to get yourself and your children back to the land.

Eighth, avoid marriage with a relative, for unfavourable genetic traits almost always remain hidden to you and then manifest themselves twice as strong in your children.

Ninth, you must preserve your gene pool for your folk in the largest possible number of children. In your children you live on.

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The Code of Honour of the SS – Regarding the Behaviour of the Soldier Towards Foreign Women

You are an SS Man. That means you are not a mercenary who is recruited to fight for something simply for a salary, even if it’s of no other concern to you. As an SS Man, you represent your own people, your own blood. Aside from that, you also represent the SS, a community, an order within your people, whose special tasks are the keeping pure of the blood, the elevation of the worth of the race. When you stand in a foreign land, with a weapon in your hand, you thus have a double duty: you must represent your people and you must be worthy of the SS.

However, you behave unworthy when you – wearing the uniform of the Führer with the badges of the Waffen SS – run around in taverns and restaurants with those girls and women who do not share the pain and concern of their own people, who do not notice the pain of their people, simply because they lack any feeling. These are not the decent women and girls of these foreign people. That’s something you can take for granted. For those girls whose brothers, and those women whose husbands, have been defeated by you and your comrades would certainly not want to throw their arms around you. You also know what typo of harm can befall you from such careless association.

How can you claim the right of unavoidable hardness, if you let yourself go? How can you maintain a clear view and a proper bearing, if you lose your self-respect? Many of you had opportunity in this war to assume more responsibility that you would have ever been able to have in peace time. You must all prove yourselves worthy of this responsibility. We know that you are brave in war. But you also have to learn to be calm, disciplined, and moderate, even when you are not standing in formation. That is what we hope for the sake of our people’s future.

What should you do after you have read these lines? I’ll tell you. You have to have clear eyes and an honest heart. You know what I mean. You know how I mean this. Perhaps you also know that one or another of your comrades has not behaved like he should have. Until now, you just looked away and figured it didn’t concern you. Believe me, it does concern you. It concerns all of us. First try the way of true comradeship: take your friend to the side and speak with him clearly and reasonably. Tell him what it means. Tell him of the fatal hour our people find themselves in. Impress upon him, that the Führer cannot relinquish a single ran.

Always remember that the months and years you wear the uniform with the SS Runes will remain unforgettable for the rest of your life. For a German, these are the most decisive years in life. Not only because the young SS volunteer matures into a man, or because his chest becomes broader, or his step more certain, or his sight more keen. His spirit is a so formed. And he learns in the SS community something that will always remain with him: order, discipline, conscientiousness, punctuality, sacrifice and a sense of duty towards the community. Do not spoil this memory by not doing your duties the way your people expect from you. If you disregard this, you hurt yourself more than anyone else.

There was once a time which pronounced “the right of one’s own body.” That was the period that gave its blessing if a black man married a white woman or if a German married a Jew – the time that also protected those who killed the unborn child in its mother’s body if its arrival would inconvenience the parents. The champions of that time, whom we have already overcome through the struggle of the Führer in Germany, now stubbornly stand on all fronts against us.

If you believe that you can do what you want with your own body and your own blood, whatever your desires wish, then you help the enemies of our people and of our worldview. You’re only the master of yourself, in reality, when you can bring up enough strength and pride to live within the laws under which your people, your SS, and you yourself are assembled.

Whoever spoils his blood,
Ruins his people.


The most private things of the individual are the most public things of the community. For the most important thing is decided in them: the physical existence and future of our people.

– Wilhelm Pleyer

To Remain Pure and Become Mature

Source: SS Leitheft, September 1944

by a Young SS Man on the Eastern Front

It wasn’t long ago that we used to consider purity and maturity as something curious; we even used to laugh at the notions. Wasn’t the rigour of battle our first command and purity something for young girls? But we have since changed. Now we see with different eyes and no longer derive the strength for our deeds from the storms of youth alone. The protractedness of the war has given us a deeper strength of endurance and rigour. Now we create strength from things, to which we used to never even give a thought. Today we are able to behold our home, the beauty of a field flower, and the smile of a child with eyes made wiser by the pain of loss and the consciousness of danger.

In short, we have grown up. In the middle of the destruction all about us, appears the one objective as substance of our purest longings and sacrifices: the Reich. And the path to this objective lead by way of warrior manliness.

The harder the fighting for our objective is, that much more unbending is the demand for purity of our will, integrity of our character, and unambiguity of our behaviour. The highest manly ideal must be embodied, if the Reich is to be attained, for the Reich represents a New Order of man; of families, of clans, and of individuals. And warfare is waged for this New Order.

We first perceived the threat of complete extinction in this war to the highest human denominator during the battles in the east. Surely the demands of race preservation are only a zoological affair, if preservation of Aryan spirituality and culture are not included therein. Even so, our answer to the annihilation of man in the world is not only warfare and resistance, but also our own transformed lives, and manliness and purity are the strongest weapons in this warfare. Yes, pure in the highest sense were the dead who sank at Langemarck into the Flemish soil; pure were the fallen who yet lie in unmarked graves in the east; and pure were also all those who in the hour of Germany’s greatest need hearkened to the call of the first years of this war.

So is also our national hymn „Germany, Germany above all“ to be understood: not as a battle cry of triumph, but as the deepest obligation to build a higher order of man and as the mentality of pride in the grandeur of the calling to be warriors for this New Order in the world. This mentality liberates us from the manifestations of decadence, which we behold at every turn: self-interest, profiteering, and political jobbery. It is not a matter of just keeping one’s own slate clean for appearance’s sake, – an altogether bourgeois consideration, – but it is a matter of consciously rejecting all superficiality as a mark of baseness, of doublespeak and infidelity as unworthy in marriage as it is among one’s comrades, and of all obscenity and licentiousness as entertainment. Why? Because all of that opens the way for the enemy to enter and obtain a foothold. To remain pure also means to have conscience and solicitude, and to practice kindness and comradeship.

An irrevocable answer is thus demanded from each of us with regard to every aspect of our being. The more we realize that we are working toward a social and political New Order, and the more we embody the consciousness that alone in service to the Reich does our nobility lie, in that degree will it become clear to us, that only they can exercise and retain dominion in this world who have kept themselves pure, – even in the face of error and disgrace.

We have seen comrades fall right next to us who were young and quite unfinished. That filled our hearts with grief and discouragement. It is then, however, that we experienced the truth that fulfilment in life is not a function of the quantity, but of the quality of the years, which we have been given. This is so, because every living man, woman and child can obtain the crown of life: to die for the fatherland.

Life without pure desire is meaningless. So, it is that we deeply embrace Goethe’s saying: „To live for pleasure is base; the noble live for law and order.” We cannot precisely know whether we climb in this struggle and what form and condition await us on the mountain peak above, but the Reich is an immediate mission, which we can presently recognize and fulfil. And to be innerly equipped for this task requires purity and manliness.

Note the bourgeois soldier, who enthrones every false and impure god. Perhaps such a one ignorantly despises purity and manliness, because all he has ever been exposed to are the empty forms of these virtues and never their racially spiritual content. In any case, only he is a true man, who roots the threads of his soul in the foundation: in the extremity, which alone engenders love of family and fatherland. In a faith in the divine law operative in the life of his race, and in the willingness to keep on marching serenely to one’s death, because he knows the meaning of that death as highest sacrifice to God.

To be a master means to be mature, to have spiritual insight, to look beyond appearances, to do the necessary, and not to lose one’s faith in the process. Not because we have power and weapons in our hands do we enjoy a certain rank in this world, but because we are actual warriors for the Reich. This means that we have chosen: responsibility, discipline, accountability, reverence, and kindness. – i.e. to become a stronger man and a new creature, and not to let the world prescribe its „law“ for us. We are masters, because we stand in relation to the world as instruments in the service of a higher order. This recognition makes us mature without respect to age. Eighteen-year olds have in this manner and through the rigour of war been made into men. The hour of trial has not found them wanting, but rather testifies, that they have indeed become mature.

Neutrality and Germanic Effort

Source: Germanische Leithefte, volume 1, issue 3, 1941

„…and this I state clearly – I want to know and hear nothing of neutrality… if I come to a border, you must declare yourself cold or warm, for God fights against the devil here. If you want to hold to God, then come to me. But if you prefer to hold to the devil, then you must certainly fight against me. Tertium non dabitur, there is no third option, that is sure. What kind of a thing is that – neutrality? I do not understand it.“

Gustav II. Adolf. King of Sweden, to Georg Wilhelm of Brandenburg, in the year 1630

In these weeks and months Europe’s destiny for all future is being decided. Germanic volunteers with healthy instinct from the Germanic lands of our continent have decided to fight on the side of the Reich. Beyond that, entire folks have courageously assembled for the struggle for Europe, even those who are not directly related by blood to the German folk, but who are closely bound to it as neighbours or through a common history.

On the other side, there were and are states whose position was not initially clear. They called and call themselves „neutrals”.

It the course of time it became clear that even the colourless atti­tude of these others was not entirely so neutral as it at first ap­peared; for when it got serious, they decided in part for England and the Jews, hence against Europe and its New Order. The rul­ing plutocratic strata of these „neutral“ folks never thought about really remaining neutral. They had already, long before the out­break of the war, given up their national sovereignty in that they first placed their territories at the disposal of the spiritual advance of the enemies of the Reich; i.e. they surrendered their news services, press and radio, and tolerated Allied espionage organizations on their „neutral“ ground.

Honour, pride and independence – what did these things mean to them if only their full dishes were left intact! How proud, on the other hand, can those men and women be who, in defiance of all the persecutions, already back then affirmed the ideas of the new millennium in those lands!

But that which their ideological opponents there called neutral­ity, was at best self-deception. Usually, however, it was the at­tempt to cunningly deceive the Reich and their own folks. None of their wirepullers believed in a long-term success of this illu­sory policy. For long before they got up their courage for „the difficult decision“ – „for their folk’s sake“ – to leave the country, their planes stood tanked and ready. This pitiful flight was mere­ly the logical conclusion of their entire working, just like the occupation by the German military of the lands they had misled.

So their abandoned folks in their need had to take the first step to understand their situation. That means they had to recognize that, with the help of their plutocrats, they had simply been drawn into the war plans of Great Britain as pawns. They had to further recognize that England only respected their independence and left the bread in their baskets as long as they were still useful as pawns. This recognition must have been bitter. As bitter as it always is when one must admit a fundamental error on which one had sought to build his entire existence.

Wide circles in the occupied „neutral“ areas are still not in­clined to even partially comprehend the situation. Why and what for this fruitless condition of stubborn peevishness? Because our enemies were able – in one regard – to really „neutralize“ these folks. Namely, they took away their vision for their historical, Germanic origin, for their own dignity, for political reality and the genuine European relationship of power. In that they were helped in recent years by the Jewish emigrants from Germany. In union with them, they were able to achieve a complete paraly­sis of political thought in the small democracies of Germanic origin: every unprejudiced, independent development of political opinion there was extinguished down to the smallest remnants. The in itself healthy desire for possessions, the healthy instinct for acquisition and prosperity, no longer meant just for the sup­port of life, rather they were elevated to the content and purpose of life itself.

So honour and pride had to become stunted. Whoever in these lands, which prided themselves on the possession of „freedom and human rights”, took the freedom to think and act differently than the system, than „society“ or than the masses, was boycotted and economically ruined. So tire trader’s spirit arose and suffo­cated every memory of the heroic origins of the Germanic folks as well as the will for clear decision. One only lived for the day and stuck his head in the sand. Consequently, one did not even remotely believe that one day, and indeed in the near future, de­cisions would be demanded which one could not talk away or buy off with money.

That this spirit of laxity and dishonour did not completely infect the folks is proven by the brave men and women who already very early offered their possessions and their blood for the vic­tory of a National Socialism in their lands. Not least were these peasant circles, hence people who do not live like one-day in­sects, rather who are accustomed to looking across several gener­ations, be it with plants, be it with the breeding of animals, or be it with themselves from hereditary farmstead to hereditary farm­stead.

These National Socialists not only spoke out that neutrality had never really existed in these lands, and that these lands had been bound to Great Britain. No, these National Socialists went far­ther: the special ties of their lands, the deeper insight into the historical connections and the genuine European relationship of power led them to the following recognition: Neutrality is in that moment morally impossible when a blood-related folk fights for the life of itself and of its brother-folks. According to this recog­nition thousands of volunteers from these Germanic lands neighbouring the Reich then streamed to the front. Their blood, which flows for the common struggle, will one day indissolubly bind the Germanic states together again.

We, Germans and „neutrals“, must however reflect and try to image the following: How would it stand with the honour and the esteem of these „neutral“ folks if these volunteers had not come from their ranks?! These volunteers have through their efforts and as the first opened the gates of their lands to allow entrance of a new, great destiny. Through their dear stand for the Reich as the life-giving centre of the continent, they have freed their folks from a centuries-long condition of isolation and feminization. These volunteers have taken care that the history of their lands will in the future be more than a history of the material enjoy­ment of life. The entirety of the „neutral“ folks will one day – if they recognize this war as the decisive turning point in their life history, too – frankly admit that the heroism and the sense of sacrifice of their young sons was the greatest deed in their his­tory since centuries.

The Führer’s Proclamation to the German People and the Note of the German Foreign Office to the Soviet Government, together with appendices



The following 88-page booklet published by the government of the Third Reich contains Adolf Hitler’s speech to the German people concerning his decision to declare war against the Soviet Union, and the official diplomatic message sent to the Soviets, outlining in great detail their crimes and plots against Germany, which violated the terms of the mutual Non-Aggression Pact. These violations are documented and a number of secret intelligence reports provided to Hitler which formed the basis of his decision to declare war on Stalin are also included in this must-read booklet.

This document shows clearly the true, legal basis concerning the war against the USSR in 1941, which support and justify the actions of Adolf Hitler, who had obviously been deceived and betrayed by the treacherous, double-dealing war monger Stalin. Hitler adopted the only attitude and course of action which a responsible German leader and representative of European culture and civilization could take.

Hitler’s intentions, from the time he first came to power in 1933 had always been peaceful and his actions honorable. He had always worked towards these objectives in good faith and with great patience. It was the WWI western allies and their international financial masters who wanted war all along and who would settle for nothing less, and who preferred to back a well-known murderous beast, namely Joseph Stalin, and to have the bloody horrors of Bolshevism be poured out upon European soil, than to have peaceful coexistence with a strong, free, independent and prosperous Germany.

Hitler and his Axis nation partners realized in 1941 that they had to now face this very real threat to Western Europe head on, as Stalin had been planning to attack all along, when Germany had her hands full on the western front. Hitler’s declaration of war was legally and morally justified by any reasonable standard of international warfare and justice, and only a multi-national effort could hope to prevent the Bolshevik takeover of all of Europe.

European Front

Source: SS Leitheft, February 1944

The harder this war affects the European folks, the greater the energies which it awakens in these folks and sets into motion. Outmoded government ideas disappear under the impact of this war as if they never existed. The artificial assortment of states of the Versailles Treaty is crushed, and under suffering and tears a new era is born. We ourselves are only a wave in the flood which is setting the folks of Europe in motion. The ideas of race and socialism are shaking the folks of Europe and pushing them to new forms of state life. Under the impact of the Bolshevik drive of expansion and the meanness of the enemy’s bombing attacks the folks of Europe are being irresistibly drawn closer together, and a feeling of community is emerging which never existed before in the past times of the only apparent prosperity in Europe. It would be wrong to compare the condition of Europe with the one it found itself in when the French Revolution and Napoleon shook the states and folks. Back then the waves of a revolutionary flood struck an outdated Europe lacking an idea under the leadership of the reactionary Chancellor Metternich and destroyed the untenable and hollow system of a European state jumble under Austrian leadership. Today’s Europe does not find itself in a condition of the mere preservation and defence of the past. In that it has become conscious of its Germanic tradition, it breaks outmoded state borders and brings folks together. The old world is represented by the enemy in the west and in the east. Capitalism and Marxism are only the sick tips of the outmoded conception of the purpose of life and of the value of man. The New Europe is carried by the energy of the revolutionary idea of socialism and race. It thus finds itself simultaneously in a condition of defence and attack: attack, because it opposes a sick and outdated world with a better one. The socialism is not only a domestic program of the Reich, which strives for a human order on the basis of accomplishment, but also contains – viewed beyond the state – the program of a New Order of the European folks on the basis of the free development of their folkish values and on the basis of their historical accomplishment.

The Power of the Reich Idea

In the ranks of the Waffen-SS today fight Dutchmen, Flemings, Walloons, Scandinavians, Estonians and Latvians, and soon other folks will dress their awakened youth in the same uniform and thus form the European Front under the SS symbol, which has been born from the need of this hour and forms the foundation of a coming order in Europe. Whoever may have had doubts about the strength of the idea is corrected when he today meets Dutchmen or Estonians in the Waffen-SS, who are more fanatical and determined champions of the Reich idea than many Germans inside the Reich. Thereby we meet the recognition that the service of these men in the east is the steel bath of the Reich idea. The men who have fought over there with the Reich German SS against the Bolsheviks have cast everything behind, all the prejudices that still hamper their contemporaries who have not shared the unique, difficult front experience. In the struggle against our most difficult opponent, the Reich idea in all its radiant beauty is reborn. A European feeling of community is emerging which no longer knows the hesitations of the politicians stuck in the old state theories. These European volunteer SS leaders and SS men are the vanguard of the European front. They love their homeland, and because they love this homeland and are loyal to it deep down, they want as a prize of war a new world, organized by a strong Reich which alone is able to save their homeland and protect the living body of their folk. Certainly, these men are minorities in their folks. World history, however, is always made by the few men who have the courage to dare the new. The hesitations follow only later. One must page through the family history of one such volunteer in order to feel how powerful the idea of the Reich affects this youth. There is, for example, a Fleming. He fights in the ranks of the Waffen-SS. His father is a high-ranking Belgian colonial administrator and now stands in English service; his grandfather was a member of the Belgian parliament, a fanatical representative of French culture against the Flemish opposition of his own homeland. The grandson embraces the Reich and Adolf Hitler. What a break in eras declares itself! What a strong attraction is possessed by the personality of the Führer! How powerful do the blood and the Reich idea speak, that the young men of these folks declare themselves ready to die for this Reich, from which their ancestors have lived apart for decades, yes for centuries!

The European Task of the SS

The SS is hence growing more and more into its European task: It gathers the awakened European youth in the struggle against Bolshevism and the Jewish plutocracies. Whoever may think that the SS hence forfeits its original character or deviates from the strict principles of the Reich has no understanding of the revolutionary idea of National Socialism, which sweeps across the borders of nation states. No one in Europe today believes, regardless of how the war may end, in the return of the artificial state system of Versailles, which owes its existence solely to the English interference in European affairs. It is understandable that through the impact of this war the veneer of a historical development, which often has only lasted a few decades, is wiped away and now the common roots of the European family of folks again comes to light. The fact of the Germanic wandering and the former Germanic settlement between the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea to the Atlantic Ocean and North Africa has formed the blood unity of Europe and created that which we call European culture. The New Order of these folks arises on this same foundation. America and England have no genuine program for a political New Order of the European continent. They view Europe already today only as a colony, which they intend to economically exploit. Bolshevism has just as little to offer Europe in ideas. Marxism recognizes no real folk, just as little as it can accept the concept of blood into its dictionary. National Socialism alone affirms the roots of each genuine folk. It knows that only he who is loyal to his homeland can be loyal to the Reich. The revolutionary socialism of Adolf Hitler means for Europe not only a regulation of the relations of the European folk to each other on the basis of their historical accomplishment and their participation in the present struggle. From the world view of this movement alone emerges the creative strength and the rich fullness of possible bonds of the folks and nations of Europe to the leadership of a strong Reich. One must clearly see that an inner and outer order of Europe can only stem from the depth of the National Socialist view of history. The SS already today forms the iron ring of those men who yearn with passionate hearts for the New Order of Europe under the leadership of a strong Germanic middle. Without the participation of these men the new cannot emerge. It is as if our continent is shaken by a high fever; it is the birth pain of a new era, which wants to arise from the foundation of the blood community of the European family of folks and of a socialist order of their life together.

Whatever path fate may lead us down toward this goal and whatever setbacks may still be in store for us, the goal itself remains fixed. It is the only goal for which it is at all worth living and fighting for. The SS knows that everything must be employed so that the comrades from the European East grow together with it into a community of struggle just like those from the west. Intelligent treatment, a great measure of ability must be used to achieve this goal. The SS remains uncompromising in its principles, in the accomplishment of its practical tasks creative and generous. It must be flexible enough to treat each folk according to its nature and history. It must be our task to form the European youth together into a hard and determined front. The western enemy is not ready to die for a higher world, because he does not recognize it. The enemy in the east has only brought the folks suppression and degradation. If there are inalienable human values, then they are defended by the front of the German army. On our side stands a new idea. To our side must eventually tip the scale of fate, if we remain hard and conscious of the entire historical responsibility of this struggle.

Europe will again become Healthy

Source: Germanische Leithefte, volume 1, issue 1, 1941

We humans live in a world in which all becoming, living, maturing and passing proceeds according to unbending, godly laws of nature. Subservient to them are the stars, heavens and earth, sea and stones, as well as the life of plants and animals.

Nobody in possession of his five faculties doubts that human life also runs according to the same laws. So, too, are the differences between humans determined by the laws of heredity.

In a healthy, naturally-feeling community, for example in peasant life, the sickly is prevented from procreating, and the healthy bonds itself again with the healthy. Only the big city life, estranged from nature, or economic considerations, unfortunately cause many a healthy person to enter marriage with a sickly one.

Then, however, nature avenges itself for the non-observance of its laws: the offspring can become sickly or carry within themselves a tendency toward sickness.

The peasant who still lives bound to nature has always known that, in every species of animal and plant, lines and races must be distinguished, which can not be indiscriminately interbreed. That would destroy the breed. Among humans there are likewise various races. Originally our ancestors respected these barriers, created by the creator. Later certain spiritual and political tendencies gradually suppressed the feeling for natural differences among humans. „Everything is the same which has a human face“, that is what they said at the time of the French Revolution. Liberalism, Marxist-Socialism and Communism – those are the milestones in the decay of a Europe misled by Jewry. For the Bolshevist, racial differences are just prejudices which must be overcome. All of that, however, is a human deviation from the godly laws of nature; a disloyalty toward one’s own blood, which must have the most serious consequences for folk, health and culture. Physical damage, psychological disorder and character inferiority are often the scientifically proven consequences of undesirable race-mixing.

These spiritual, or better said anti-spiritual, tendencies come from racially alien and perverted minds. These teachings do not proceed from the laws of nature at all. In opposition to them. National-Socialism does not seek to construct another humanistic creed, rather it seeks to first of all clearly recognize the natural order created by god. Only this knowledge makes it possible to again lead the misled human back to the natural and hence healthy way of life. Therefore National-Socialism respects the nature-given difference between races. And it recognizes natural barriers.

When I today travel through Germany and everywhere see the children, our little blond youth, I then recognize the purpose of our movement: reaching from the present forward into the German future. – Adolf Hitler

So a National-Socialist also views a future Europe completely differently than a liberal would. Every National-Socialist would instinctively reject a pan-Europe of the American kind. The USA is a mishmash of folks and races. In Europe the various folks have in the course of their development taken on diverse folk characters, because other European races have also blended together – in diverse proportions in the various parts of Germany and its neighbours. All of them have in common, however, a more or less large portion of Nordic blood.

This Nordic blood component is thus that which binds the European folks. A closer union of the Germanic folks is hence not only possible, but also nature-given. The more or less Nordic blood present in the other European folks is primarily of Germanic origin.

If Europe thus does not want to lose its uniqueness, then, above all, the domination of the Nordic race must be secured. The Nordic race, however, has suffered the most by the development of civilization in the last centuries. So has the Nordic race in part nearly ceased to perpetuate itself in the large cities. This valuable race represented and represents not only in the German, but also in all other European folks, the leading segment. This fact is especially significant, because the portion of its blood finds itself in steady decline.

The former, so-called European civilization has likewise had a harmful effect on the health of the folks. The sickly, weak and untalented are promoted with every resource, while the healthy has therefore often had to suffer under the worst social injustice. In nature the sickly and weak are automatically purged and only the strong and healthy come to procreate. Among so-called cultured people, who have created an unnatural environment in their civilization, this „natural selection“ is missing.

This is where the measures of National-Socialism come into play. In the final hour they prevent that the white race perishes in the foreseeable future. Let us designate the racially good and physically and spiritually healthy portion of a folk with the comprehensive concept “healthy Germanic blood“; so all measures of National-Socialism which promote this portion are called „measures for the promotion of healthy Germanic blood’. These measures in National-Socialist Germany take two directions: first they prevent the harmful, and second they promote the beneficial.

The National-Socialist marriage law provides for the presentation of marriage documents before marriage. In this manner can, for the best of the folks, the marriage of the healthy with the congenitally ill or the healthy with people with contagious diseases be prevented. The offering of very favourable, interest-free marriage loans, on the other hand, eases the marriage of the healthy.

These just mentioned measures of the National-Socialist state, however, were always proceeded, often by many years, by similar measures of die SS.

The SS man is selected and educated in such a way that he will not mix with racially alien or congenitally ill blood even without these laws.

But in other areas, too, does the SS set a good example by going along new paths in advance. The SS promotes the return of man to natural living conditions through countless minor measures, for example: promotion of building of one-family homes, physical education and exercise, return of valuable families to the land by promoting new peasantry etc. The SS shows, through the laws of its order and its example, the path along which a strengthening of the Nordic blood portion can be achieved. Similar orders have already existed, scattered throughout history, for example the Toms Wikings of the Baltic Sea, the German Teutonic Knights in Eastern and Western Prussia etc. These orders, too, only accepted valuable, fighting men, and their accomplishments were correspondingly spectacular. But they had one lacking: they limited their laws to males. So their valuable blood was not consciously cared for. But that is what it comes down to in the final analysis, namely that a folk, for the sake of its future, not only preserves its supply of valuable blood, but also increases it.

The Reichsführer SS, therefore, already during die difficult period of struggle in 1931, gave to the SS its memorial „Engagement and Marriage Order“. In it the SS man is given the duty to select his wife according to the same guidelines with which he was accepted into the SS. The wife is then taken into the SS clan. There she is obligated to the same principles as her husband himself. She hence enjoys the same honour and the same high esteem.

Hence the SS stands at the forefront in the struggle for the preservation and strengthening of Germanic blood and shows the path into a future of healthy folk strength and cultural blossoming. The former, creative working of the SS for these ideas of blood has been recognized by the Führer in that he has entrusted to the Reichsführer SS the solidification of the German folk.

From this observance of the National-Socialist laws of blood and race grows an order which for all time will secure not only the protection of the Reich, but will also pave the way ahead in all important questions of human life. It becomes the guardian of the European community of fate. But especially the Germanic folks are bound by this SS order through their common blood. With pride should our children’s children one day say of us:

„You have laid the foundation for the Reich of our race!“