Die Deutsche Wochenschau – Newsreel No. 619 – 15 July 1942


– Munich Art Exhibit;
– Advance Toward the Don;
– U-Boat Homecomings;
– Capture of Voronezh.


Die Deutsche Wochenschau – Newsreel No. 617 – 01 July 1942


– In North Africa Rommel Directs an Attack on the British 8th Army;
– Fierce Fighting in the Gazala Line – in 10 Days the British Lose over 10 000 men captured and 550 Tanks;
– German and Italian Troops Launch an Attack on British-held Tobruk;
– Tobruk Capitulates – Field Marshal Kesselring Enters the Captured Fortress;
– Advance guard reaches the Port Area of Sevastopol.

Junges Europa Nr. 5 (1943)

– Trainees graduate from the Adolf Hitler School;
– BDM girls sew clothing for and take care of children from bombed-out neighbourhoods;
– A practice drill with the HJ Marine;
– In a glider training camp of the Hitler Youth;
– Hitler Youth train on assault boats.