Hände am Werk – Ein Lied von deutscher Arbeit (1935)

The full title of this film is “Hande am Werk – Ein Lied von deutscher Arbeit”, and the title is appropriate. This can best be described as a “symphonic poem”, with most of the film being music and a pictorial presentation of the various forms of labour, which were making a place for Germany among the top industrial producers of a world deep in economic recession. At a time when most of the world looked enviously at Germany’s falling unemployment rates and the success of the National-Socialists in pulling the country out of the worldwide Depression, a film about and dedicated to labour was no abstract concept the common man couldn’t understand.

Kampf um Norwegen – Feldzug 1940 (1940)

Directed by: Martin Rikli, Werner Buhre
Release date: 1940
Running time: 81 minutes
Country: National-Socialist Germany
Language: German

Kampf um Norwegen – Feldzug 1940 (English: Battle for Norway – 1940 Campaign) is a 1940 National-Socialist propaganda film directed by Martin Rikli and Dr. Werner Buhre under orders of the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht. The documentary film follows the Invasion of Denmark and Norway in the spring of 1940.

The film describes the sequence of events leading up to the invasion of Norway, especially the Anschluss of Austria, the division of Czechoslovakia after the Munich agreement and finally the invasion of Poland in September, 1939. As a prelude, it justifies the invasion of Norway by outlining the plans of Britain to invade the country, and attempts by the British to mine the leads along the Atlantic coast. When the Royal Navy invaded Norwegian waters to attack the German tanker Altmark and release prisoners held there by the Germans, it signalled an escalation of the growing crisis. The British prisoners had been captured by the German cruiser Admiral Graf Spee during raids on merchant shipping in the Atlantic Ocean and Indian ocean in the previous year. The campaign itself opens with the attempt by the German Navy to force entry up the Oslo Fjord, and initially failed owing to Norwegian heavy guns either side of the fjord where it narrowed in the approach to Oslo itself.