Gestern und heute (1938)

(Yesterday and today)

Directed by: Hans Steinhoff
Music by: Peter Kreuder
Release date: 1938
Running time: 11 minutes
Country: National-Socialist Germany
Language: German

Gestern und heute“ (lit. “Yesterday and today”) is a 1938 German NS documentary short film directed by Hans Steinhoff and Ben Keim.

The documentary film contrasts Germany in the days before Adolf Hitler became Chancellor with the current (late 1930’s) day Germany and how it has improved.

Die Deutsche Wochenschau – Newsreel No. 596 – 09 February 1942



– Adolf Hitler Speaks to the German People on the Ninth Anniversary of his Rise to Power.;
– General Muñoz Grandes, Commander of Spanish Blue Division, Receives the Iron Cross, First Class.;
– Supply Lines Operate Around the Clock in Cities Behind Front Lines of the Eastern Front.;
– German and Romanian Troops Attack Sevastopol and Feodosiya in the Crimean Peninsula.;
– U-boats Deploy Against the USA.;
– German and Italian Troops on the Road to Benghazi, Libya.;

Der Marsch Zum Führer (1940)

The March to the Führer

Release dates: 1940
Running time: 44 minutes
Country:  National-Socialist Germany
Language:  German

Der Marsch zum Führer (English: The March to the Führer) is a National-Socialist film released in 1940. It depicts the nationwide march of Hitler Youth (HJ) to Nuremberg for the National-Socialist Party Rally. Unlike the earlier Leni Riefenstahl Nuremberg documentaries, it does not focus on the Party congress itself, or on National-Socialist leaders, who are not shown until the very end of the film. Instead, it follows HJ boys from various parts of National-Socialist Germany beginning their journey, camping along the route, being taken in by helpful families on the way and marching through cities in formation, saluting and carrying the swastika banner.

The film tells of these columns as they march through the mountains, forests, fields and towns of Hitler’s realm. Their pilgrimage is climaxed by the colorful ceremonies of the Nuremberg Congress as they parade before their Führer and are addressed by National-Socialist youth leader Baldur von Schirach, Rudolf Hess, and Adolf Hitler himself. Behind the splendid pageantry of this film and the remarkable discipline of its participants is revealed, as vividly as in any cinematic record in existence, the skill of the National-Socialist leaders in preparing Germany’s youth, both physically and psychologically, to defend the Reich and Europe.


Die Deutsche Wochenschau – Newsreel No. 594 – 21 January 1942



Reich Foreign Minister Ribbentrop Received by Hungarian Regent Horthy in Budapest.;
The Führer Awards Oak Leaves to the Knight’s Cross to Waffen-SS General Sepp Dietrich and other Officers.;
National Socialist Women at Work Making Camouflage Suits for Winter Warfare.;
German Mine Sweepers in Action on the English Channel.;
Siege of Leningrad – Soldiers Routine Activities Behind Front Lines.;
Heaviest Artillery Pounds the port- and Citadel of Sevastopol.