Adolf Hitler – speech at the opening of the International Automobile Exhibition in the Exhibition Halls on the Kaiserdamm.

Berlin, March 7, 1934

The Government will be persistent and rigorous in continuing the program announced last year. It will give to the entire automotive sector the strong impulse it needs to overcome the general preconceptions on the one hand and the lethargy on the other. It will attempt to continue to directly and indirectly decrease taxes for the automobile owner. In addition to extending the tremendous Autobahn road network, the Reich is determined to devote practical attention to improving the existing major roads. The Reich Government will provide every possible support to the development of the automobile industry. Above all, it will continue its endeavors to establish a close and profitable link between this most recent means of transportation and the large existing transportation institution of the Reichsbahn. The problem of securing and producing fuel on a national basis will be solved! Gentlemen, I do not need to paint a picture for you of the consequences of the existing attitude and the measures which have resulted from it.

There is no clearer proof of the effectiveness of our actions in the past year than the international Automobile Exhibition of 1934 in Berlin, which was organized literally as fast as lightning and which has become such a wonderful success.

Above all, it gives me the indestructible confidence that the commercial adroitness of our great plants, the ingenuity of our technicians and the miraculous productivity of our German manual laborers and precision workers will doubtless succeed in accomplishing the great tasks which still lie before us.

And these tasks are not small.

Gentlemen, if we really want to increase the number of automobile owners in Germany to a figure in the millions, this is only possible if we adapt the price to the financial capabilities of the mass of millions of potential buyers in question.

The German Government desires that the German Volk take an animated interest in motorized vehicles, and it follows that the economy must design and build the right vehicle for the German Volk.

Only a few months ago, German industry succeeded, by fabricating a new Volksempfänger (people’s radio), in introducing and selling an enormous number of radio sets on the market. I would cite the most significant task of the German automotive industry as that of increasing production of the one car which will necessarily open up a class of buyers numbering millions, for only if we are able to win over the broadest possible masses for this new means of transportation will its economic and social advantages be indisputable.

What German industry has accomplished in the years behind us is admirable. There is no country in the world showing greater progress in the construction of new automobiles than Germany. All the way from small models to the most modern racing cars, from trucks with diesel engines to motorcycles: everywhere we see new paths being taken and truly ingenious ideas becoming reality. It should be noted that this Automobile Show is not the product of long planning, but shows a random sample of our industry’s products.

When I invite the German Volk to review and inspect this random sample, I am doing so with the conviction that it will acknowledge with joyful pride this further proof of what its engineers, merchants and workers have once again accomplished. But I do not wish to let this opportunity pass without once more drawing the attention of every German to the many millions of those who even today have not yet found a way to earn their daily bread by their own labors.

It is the duty of every German to declare his solidarity with these Volksgenossen and to contribute, by his every action and his behavior, towards giving the new spiritual and physical workers of our Volk employment and thus a means of existence.

March 17 is the 100th anniversary of the day upon which the builder of the first automobile first glimpsed the light of day. In addition to Benz, we must also regard Daimler not only as the inventor of the first automobile engine, but also as the founder of the first and hence oldest automobile factory in the world.

What a tremendous development has taken place between that fateful December 16, 1883, when an automobile engine was patented for the first time in the world, and today! Who can doubt that we will succeed in carrying on this wonderful development for the benefit of our entire German Volk? And furthermore, we perceive in this new means of transportation an element of human cooperation which, extending far beyond the borders of an individual nation, ties nations together.

At a time when all of us have but the one earnest desire to heal the wounds of the past decades in peaceful cooperation with the other nations, we are happy to give to the world a visible demonstration of the background of the problems which concern us today and proof of the skill with which we master them.

Thus, I am happy and proud to declare the International Automobile Exhibition of 1934 in Berlin open to the public.

National-Socialism, Liberalism, Marxism

Source: Metapedia (Archive)

Devotees and adulators of liberalism often compare National Socialism with Marxism, stating they are similar. However, considering the essence of the two systems, they are not similar. The same people try to say liberalism is better to live in than National Socialism. This is also not true for several reasons.

Finally, it is interesting to compare Marxism with liberalism. Both systems are products of a minority that wishes to lay dry, suppress, and finally eliminate the nation. Among shallow differences, their similarity are obvious: both squander the nation’s property while cooking their own soup. Considering the essence, the two systems are rather similar.

National socialism



Inner peace: National socialism wants to realize a universal socialism for the whole nation. Liberalism praises diversity and supports minorities, it tries to disaggregate the nation into elementary parts, rather than to unite it. Marxism praises class socialism, which means a harsh inner fight.
Higher lordship: National Socialism is bound to transcendency. It accepts and believes the existence of a higher might that steers the universe. It keeps the belief, and also the church can work, if it accepts the national-socialistic state. Liberalism is materialistic. It tolerates religion, but does not support a state religion. It supports religious diversity, and wherever possible, it tries to disorganize Christian faith. Marxism is a materialistic, atheistic ideology. It chases all religions except the Jewish one.
Ownership: National Socialism keeps the producing tools in private hands, but it states, that the aim of production is to be useful for the nation. With other words, production advances the society, and with it life gets easier and nicer. Liberalism also keeps the producing tools in private hands, however the purpose of production is solely to make the owners richer. Marxism forbids producing tools in private hands, with this it completely suppresses the individual, therefore there is no harmony between the individual and the society.
Economy: National Socialism prefers national products and production against foreign ones, therefore the system economically also supports the existence of the national state. Liberalism supports motion of materials and goods without limit, opposes protection of local production, eliminates customs duty, supports multinational companies. Therefore it endangers inner production and national life. Marxism socializes economy, it aims instead of national production an international-Bolshevistic economy. With this it ravages local production and cripples commerce.
Honor of work: National Socialism supports work on every level. It stops fraud and usury using hard rules, while prizing and honoring every kind of productive and creative work. It also honors the stay-at-home working woman and mother, who cares for her children. Liberalism supports usury and fraud indirectly by not really stopping it by proper regulations. It gives almost free hand to banks to ransack people through usury and financial tricks. Bolshevism creates a stone age, underdeveloped economy, in which neither physical, nor intellectual work is honoured, and it pays starvation wages for all, except for the foreign clique, that usurps the country. .
Family: National Socialism supports a rational social system, especially free schooling up to the university degree, or professional master degree. The frame of medical attendance is created in a way, that medical care is high quality and available for everyone. Liberalism supports family very little, if possible, it eliminates all social care, like schools and medical care. With this it undermines the culture and health of the nation. Bolshevism explicitly attacks family, it forces women to work due its starvation-wage system, and aims to raise children in state supported groups, hoping that they become brainless supporters of bolshevism. Bad school system and medical care undermines the culture and health of the nation. By using compulsory immunization or compulsory marriage advisement, and things like it, intervenes into the most private life of the people.
Housing: National Socialism considers as one of its most important task to provide good quality and payable housing for the people, providing enough living area for each person. It provides, therefore, a very effective construction program that is combined with a family aid program. With this, after 3 or four children, young families do not have to pay interest any more, and also part of their debt is released. Liberalism supports housing, but it does not stop effectively usury and speculation. Therefore it is easily possible that people use their housing due to debts. Bolshevism knowingly refuses all support for housing. People cannot pay for housing from their starvation wages; the Bolshevistic state knowingly stops the development of public utilities and also construction licenses are hard to achieve. The state builds solely bad quality block of flats providing very little living area for a person, and to maintain such block flats is very expensive due to bad construction quality and bad heating systems.
Support of the people: National Socialism considers the state as the property of the people, and it considers each member of the society as valuable person. It does not throw money out the window to support “minorities”. Minorities are given a fair chance to become a useful part of the nation by assimilation. Liberalism does not give any support to the members of the nation. In opposite, it is minority-centric, and aims that members of the majority give most of the result of their work to unwanted aliens for immigration and dwelling. Besides that, it gives money to cultural degeneration and wars for alien purposes. Bolshevism does not give any support to members of the nation. In opposite, it supports “proletariat internationalism”, members of the nation are harshly drained, and hordes of aliens are imported, as “proletarians to be supported”.
Justice: The national socialistic state refuses to use roman right only, since it prefers material things over human life and moral. National socialist states use national justice that gives human life and moral at least the same weight, which material things have. The liberal state uses roman right, that is clearly of materialistic nature. Anglo-Saxon justice uses juror-system, that means, a group of laymen decides over cases, which makes it similar to the Bolshevistic people’s courts. The Bolshevistic state is clearly a state without real justice system that is worth of this name. Laws are not publicly known, and the “courts” often decide not by law, but by decrees of the party. Lawyers are not independent, they are treated, as if they were employees of the lawyers’ chamber, and they ar often browbeaten by the state. Typical Bolshevistic establishment is the so called “people’s court”, whose leader is a Bolshevistic (blood)justice, who together with several laymen judges typically people with fabricated accusation to many years prison or to death.
Election system: National Socialism is a leader system. The leader nominates the main administrative personal. The people’s opinion is asked directly before important decisions by a voting. In liberalism there are multiple parties in the parliament, and the ones, that received the most votes, rule the country. Seemingly it is very democratic, however, in reality Zionist powers sitting in the background rule in reality using their grabbed money, built in media personal and other stooges. Real national people are pursued with yelling “right-wing”, and they have no chance in a liberal state. Bolshevism allows typically only one party, the Bolshevistic one. Voting is nominal, but compulsory. Here the parliament will be put together, however, it has no decision power. Decisions are made by the inner circle of the Bolshevistic party.
Individual freedom: National socialistic state does not limit the individual freedom, if a person does not pursue activity, which is again the state or the nation. Liberalism does not limit the individual freedom, but if there are people, who dislike the liberal state and they openly say it, or break one of its taboos, like the holocaust mythos, it will punish them for even over 10 years imprisonment just for saying that. Liberal media casts every day hate propaganda against self-driven “terrorism”. Marxism suppresses all individual freedoms, it provides complete censorship, no travelling is possible for average people, only the favourites of the nation-alien system can travel, especially to the “west”. Bolshevism turns the home of the people to a kind of prison or working camp with this rule.
Associations: National socialistic state allows all associations, that are not foreign steered (like scouts), and are not enemies of the national socialistic state or the nation. The national socialistic associations (Hitler-Jügend, NSDAP, SS) are nationalistic and constructive organizations. The liberal state allows associations that are not too national oriented from its point of view. It prefers to prohibit national organizations. It gives horrendous amounts of many to protect perverse associations’ organisations, like the marches of exhibitionistic homosexuals. The Bolshevistic state tolerates only Zion-Bolshevistic organisations, like the young pioneers, the communist youth organization the party and the Bolshevistic “unions”. It forbids and chases any other association especially the Christian associations.
Information for the people: National socialistic state informs the people about all events of the world. It does not hinder the movement of information except if the information providers want to destroy the state or the nation from inside. Liberal information is broad, however the information sources are typically Zionistic, and the informations are one sided and biased. Bolshevistic information policy is based on filtering and modifying the informations. Lots of information is suppressed, others are formed into Bolshevistic propaganda text. It tolerates only bolshevistic press. Even the private usage of typewriters or copying machines is limited or forbidden.
Police force: National socialism works with a relative small police corp. Members of the police force behave correctly. Liberal police force behaves generally correctly. In a number of cases they show helpless in case of outrage, especially, when “minorities” push around against natives. Bolshevistic police force is trained for brutality and hatred of the people. Bodily outrage by police force is common, instead of protecting the people the protect the ruling foreign clique.
Culture: National socialism supports native culture that stems from the nation; it provides high quality culture and arts. Liberalism supports multi-culture, which leads to the elimination of the state building nation. It eagerly supports all kinds of degeneration in culture and in arts, there are exhibitions of pictures, that even an ape could have easily painted, liberalistic films parrot hate of the nation and love for the alien and the perverted. They also eagerly support all kind of sexual perversions. Bolshevism provides a primitive and one sided culture. All written has to praise Marxism, and also art go down to the same level.
Sports: National socialism considers sports as a mean to become happier and healthier. Sport is available for everybody, and is supported by the state. It is not a business and not a mean to help aliens to infiltrate the national socialistic state. Liberalism considers sports as a business and as a mean to help to infiltrate the state by aliens. Even the national teams are filled with aliens of different races. Considerable money is used to protect sport events, which are more similar to a circus than to a mean to help people to stay healthy and happy. Bolshevism considers sport to be a mean for propaganda. It supports elite sport, and not mass sport. Sport is the only legal way for people to travel abroad, therefore young people are eager to became sport stars. The state itself is highly dishonest. It states, sport stars are amateurs, even though they nominally have a job, but in reality they do sports all the day.
International cooperation: National socialism wishes the cooperation of equal nations, its ideology is not based on hatred, since it will cooperate constructively with anyone except of conscious internal parasites. Liberalism does all the time liberal propaganda, it considers liberal or sometimes Bolshevistic states as preferred partners, it fantasizes about “western values”, and at the same times, states, that see through its unfair play, are considered as “enemies” and they try to eliminate these states with propaganda or with war. Bolshevism advertises hatred against all non-Bolshevistic states, calling them “imperialistic” or suppressor”, while among the Bolshevistic countries it prefers unprincipled “comrade love” based on adulation.

Gestern und heute (1938)

(Yesterday and today)

Directed by: Hans Steinhoff
Music by: Peter Kreuder
Release date: 1938
Running time: 11 minutes
Country: National-Socialist Germany
Language: German

Gestern und heute“ (lit. “Yesterday and today”) is a 1938 German NS documentary short film directed by Hans Steinhoff and Ben Keim.

The documentary film contrasts Germany in the days before Adolf Hitler became Chancellor with the current (late 1930’s) day Germany and how it has improved.

The National-Socialist War Against Modern Art



Wouldn’t it be great to purge our society of all the degenerate modern art that is relentlessly shoved down our throats? It is poorly executed, does not require any talent, degrades the human spirit, is thoroughly jewish, and makes sane people feel physically sick.

Well, the National Socialists, led by a talented painter named Adolf Hitler, saw this “art” as a threat to the well-being of the German folk and decided to do something about it. They called it Entartete Kunst, which is German for Degenerate Art, and quarantined pieces they they deemed to be subversive, putting them on display for the folk to see in its proper context.


The German people lined up by the thousands to view the Degenerate Art exhibit and laugh at the grotesque creations jews had been passing off as something valuable during the Weimar Republic. Compared with the artwork being promoted by the National Socialists, the degenerate “art” looked like the work of mentally ill children with finger paints.

The jewish media loves to kvetch over all the “priceless” treasures that were taken by the “Nazis”, but never will you hear them mention all of the amazing artwork, including the architecture, that went up in a fiery blaze in Dresden, along with hundreds of thousands of tortured souls, thanks to the murderous hatred of the Allies.

In 2014 there was an Entartete Kunst exhibit in New York City that actually showed the sanctioned art vs the banned art.

During Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in the 1930s, one of the many groups he targeted during his quest to remake the world in his image was modern artists. The Nazis confiscated works by Matisse, Van Gogh, Picasso and others, and at a historic art show in 1937 displayed modern art pieces as “degenerate art.” Erin Moriarty of “48 Hours” takes us on a tour of the recreated event at the Neue Galerie in New York City.

It’s somewhat humorous, though at the same time terribly tragic, to watch as these so-called experts try to make the degenerate art seem intellectual and important while denigrating the classical European masterpieces. I would venture to say that even some people who have been thoroughly indoctrinated into the jewish system walked through the gallery and felt more drawn to the work of the “evil Nazis”.

Real beauty, excellence, and artistry is reviled by our jewish rulers because it inspires us to greatness, and also because they can never achieve such glorious heights. They want to infect us with their own degeneracy and debase the spirit of our folk, so that we are more easily ruled. They want us all stuck in the mud and not reaching for the stars.